New Insulin

I am now taking Lantus and Novolog. Lantus is supposed to be a slow release insulin that I take once a day at bedtime. I take 10 units. Novolog is a fast acting insulin. I take it 3 times a day 10 minutes before each meal. I take 7 units of this. I was told that I had to be real careful with the Novolog because it acts so quickly that my sugar will drop fast. The pharmacist said that it peaks 1-3 hours after the dose and will last for 3-5 hours. So, how far do I spread my meals out? Do I still need to eat 6 times a day? I am waiting on getting an appointment to see a nutritionist but have not had luck. I really need help with this one. I don’t want to take that shot and then my boys see me passed out on the floor b/c something went wrong. How do I know if I am eating proper amounts to counter act this insulin? I really feel like my life is nothing but needles, medicine, food, and numbers. I see all these commercials about how they are not going to let diabetes stop them from doing anything. Now really, how is that possible? I still do a lot of thing, my purse is just bigger with all the supplies that I have to carry around with me now!! I feel like the bag lady!! LOL

I was in a similar boat. If you feel up to it ask your doctor about carb counting. With carb counting you take just enough quick acting insulin (novolog) to cover your carbs when you eat. That way you only take as much insulin as you need. You will be given a carb ratio Carb grams to units of insulin (mine is 18:1, 18g of carbs to 1 unit of insulin) (your will be diffrent). If you can find a Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE) he or she can teach you and it should be covered under most insurance plans. I highly recomend seeing a CDE not a nutrtionist. You need carb ratio.

You just eat your meals as you usually do. The novolog takes care of the meals while the Lantus just keeps you stabalized. I have been on Humalog and Lantus (Humalog is the same thing as Novolog but different manufacturers). I take 2 units for every 10 grams of carbohydrates I eat, plus 3 units for every 40 over 150 that my blood sugar is for a correction scale (or sliding scale). For my Lantus I take 30 units in the morning and 34 at night. Not many people are split like that just some it seems to work better for.

When I go to school I have my bookbag which has my books plus my lap top plus a separate bag with my supplies that has a special ice pack area to keep my insulin cold. It carries all my insulin supplies and testing supplies. I am looking at one that looks more like an organizer that opens into three compartments. Its a little more expensive but will keep me more organized. When I go to school I keep everything that I usually have in my purse in there. But usually when I don’t go to school I have my regular purse plus my diabetic supply bag.