Insulin change due to insurance


I'm 27 and have been a type 1 for almost 11 years! (this June) I was recently told by insurance that my fast acting insulin Novolog is no longer a preferred medication and by April will not be covered at all. I was suggested to switch to Humalog. Is there a big difference between the two? I've been on Novolog and Lantus for the entire time i've been diabetic so i'm apprehensive about switching but I cannot afford the Novolog now, so I don't really have a choice. I'd just like to know what I'm getting myself into or if anyone has suggestions for me!?

Novolog: sliding scale: 1 unit per 4 carbs.
Lantus: 37 units daily.


It's not much different, a little faster as action.
Don't worry

That same thing happened to me about 18 months ago! What is up with novolog? I was a little bloated for a few weeks, but it went away. I am on a pump, so my BGs were a little weird and I had to adjust basal rates for a bit, but my insulin to carb ratio never changed. Since you are using humalog just for blouses, I bet you won’t notice a difference- good luck!

As with all things, YMMV... For me, Humalog worked noticeably slower and lasted noticeably longer than Novolog. I had to stop my "Humalog experiment" short, however, as I apparently have an allergy to something in the formulation. My insurance does cover Novolog still, but it's at a higher copay AND has to be purchased only from a "preferred pharmacist" (mail order). I have no choice but to pay the premium, however.

I hope your experience is better.

i think humalog acts slightly slower and lasts longer.

Actually, I think it would be worth appealing. If your doctor diagnosed you as having an allergy to Humalog that would be an entirely reasonable basis to appeal the have Novolog covered as being medically necessary. Here is a template of a letter of medical necessity your doctor can send to your insurance company on your behalf.

Thank you!