New iphone - will my Dexcom sensor session end?

I am setting up a new iPhone in a few hours and will be restoring from iCloud backup from my old phone. I am wondering—will this end my current Dexcom sensor session? I started my current sensor session on my current phone just a few days ago so I’m hoping it won’t cut it short by setting up a new phone. I don’t mind if the data is temporarily unavailable while i am setting up the new phone, I will just be unhappy if my sensor session actually ends and I need to insert a new sensor early…

Do you know how to restart it? I switched to a new phone and just restarted the sensor. I took my iphone back as I couldn’t stand the face recognition on it lol, but my old iphone was still reading the data so I had no issues with that.

If you go to this link, it has an explanation of restarting and video to watch. A guitar pick to take out the transmitter works the easiest.

So I can’t figure out how to delete this post, but I set up my new iPhone and it went seamlessly! I did not need to pop out the transmitter or restart the sensor or anything like that. I just logged into the Dexcom app on the new device, entered my transmitter ID, and the data showed up immediately.

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Great to hear!!

Did you power off the old phone first? I think if you did, it broke the connection between transmitter and old phone. Then it was able to connect/pair to new phone without problem.

I went into bluetooth settings on the old iphone, clicked on the Dexcom device and did “forget this device.” So the transmitter unpaired with that phone without stopping the sensor, and without immediately shutting the old phone off.


You could put UPDATE under your original post of what you did and how it worked, that way future interested people will know!

I didn’t want to unpair or forget mine in case I still wanted to use it on my old iphone.