Dexcom G6 restarts

Hi, now that I have the new transmitters I’ve been using the restart method involving removing the transmitter for 30 minutes. It worked the first few times but lately it hasn’t been working, after multiple tries this morning I gave up and started a new one…
Any tips, tricks, or experiences welcome!

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I haven’t had any issues restarting mine. But we all know Dexcom is trying to stop us and might change the programming at any time.

So first question, don’t list the whole transmitter number but what are the first 2 or 3 numbers/letters? If someone has one from the same numbers it might narrow down what the problem is. If you have a number no one else has, it could be they’ve changed it.

One other thing. I use my reader and my iphone. In the past, I have had an issue with them both being on during a restart. So I usually turn one off, making sure I stop the sensor on the other device too and then I can turn it back on after I have the restart in progress.

I have had similar with latest transmitter. Sometimes it restarts, sometimes takes longer wait time.

Mine is 8G, with firmware.
It also is close to 90 days of use, and not sure if that is impact also.

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What is the restart trick you’re talking about? Is it a way to extend the life of the transmitter and/or sensors?

@samg You can restart the G6 sensors after the 10 days. Some do it to save money, some do it so they can build a back up supply.

  1. Let sensor expire or stop.
  2. Remove transmitter while sensor is still on your arm
    use a test strip or thin card. - there is a hidden clip in middle of sensor - try to get
    it to raise up slightly on both sides and the transmitter will come out.
  3. Wait at least 30 minutes
    longer is okay and the rumor is it’s possible 15 minutes works, I just haven’t tried
    it yet
  4. Snap Transmitter back into the sensor
  5. Start new sensor session using your original code

Wow. Thanks. I’ll try with this sensor. That changes things a lot.

@samg How well it works seems to depend on the person. Some only get an extra few days, but I get an average of 26 days from each sensor. There are a lot of people that only get about 15 days.

I like the restarted sensors better. They seem more stable and are more accurate after a restart, less calibration etc. Just keep an eye out for irregular readings to know when they go. If something doesn’t make sense type of thing? Mine almost always gives me a warning the day or day before it’s going of starting to lose the signal. Otherwise I usually never lose the signal unless it’s on the other side of the house.