New Medtronic "almost" closed system?

Has anyone heard anything about Medtronic’s next generation sensors and pumps? I had an appt. with my endo this afternoon and he was talking about about a new “semi”-closed loop system that’s coming out. He didn’t give me details at the time, and I haven’t seen anything yet about it. I’m gonna call the office and see if anyone know’s anything more about it. Anyone heard anything?

Dear Mike

A semi-closed system would have some sort of computer feedback control. To do this you would need a glucose monitor that works. The continuous ones have very bad acuracy and the hand held ones are not so good either. So don’t hold your breath. Plus injecting the insulin under he skin is not quick enough. I think a better solution lies in a biological fix and let the body do the control.

Please see the thread i started in the insulin pumpers forum about the new Veo pump they will be announcing june 1st.

It has NOT been approved for the USA, but is “partially” closed loop because if your CGM says you are low, it will shut the pump down until you turn it on…

Great if your MM CGM is accurate… read through the pamphlet that was leaked… it says they have a new algorthim for the MM CGM part .

Hello Betty: That sounds like what the doc started to describe. Thanks for the info,

Here’s a news clip from yesterday that reveals the “semi closed loop” system from Medtronic being introduced to a few countries in Europe this summer …

I also posted the subject in the forums at Diabetes1 - would post it here - but it took awhile to pull out my notes from the JDRF Symposium I attended back in April here in Montreal and post them there. Dr. Kowalski of JDRF who is big in the research area of artifical pancreas spoke about the closed loop system (you’ll find a link to the presentation he made - very VERY informative). Feel free to comment there if you wish.

Any Ideas about when this MM CGMS with new algorithm will be available in the US. I have but 2 years left;with excellent health insurance, at my job… I plan to retire in two years at around 56, and I would like the insurance coverage to help with CGMs. Even if I don’t have as good a policy after I retire, which may not cover as much ( my current insurance is 90% coverage)), I would probably purchase it on my own if the MM CGMS upgrade is available.
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