New Medtronic Pump Ecosystem now available 770g

Here it is. Finally Medtronic catching up. Good sign.


It now allows for remote software updates, which is also long overdue, so that’s a plus.

Now if they’d just give up the whole “ecosystem” concept and open up to integrating with Dexcom instead of locking you to the inferior Guardian CGM, and allow users more ability to fine tune the settings, especially the correction target, that would be great. As it stands, they don’t seem to be addressing the problems that made me and many others give up on Automode with the 670. Supposed to make things easier, but I found it was way more of a hassle than a help because of all the gotchas and glitches, some of which I might have been able to fix with more access to parameters that were either locked down or enfeebled. And nothing is going to make me like the Guardian CGM system.

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I agree and they need to add libre or make plans to do so. I loop with APS and libre and I find the newer version to be very accurate and a third of the price of Dex. Welcome to the AndroidAPS documentation — AndroidAPS 3.0 documentation
thinking of a new movement as free the CGM from the pump. I read that a new guardian is suppose to also come out in December. ICGM is a possibility but I’m not sure Medtronic will support it directly from their pump as a possible device but rather tidepool. We will see.

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I agree. I dumped their CGM (for lack of sleep and too many calibrations and alerts) and am now loving the Dexcom G6. I like the 670G enough, but not being integrated with Dexcom is going to drive me somewhere else - soon. My pump warranty ends this month.

I just can’t see waiting for them to catch up.

You can run virtual loop with the 670g and Dex, libre etc using APS in the interim. Better than disconnect devices but you have to manually enter changes insulin bolus and basal. I don’t enter all changes but rather bolus or basal above 20 percent.