New meter, not sure I trust it

I picked up a new meter recently. In the past I was using the OneTouch Ultra, it’s a good meter, treated me well and is still good. But being the gadget freak I am I found the Bayer Contour USB meter to be just the cat’s meow. How cool can it get, a meter just a little larger than your average USB memory stick and contains all the software and 512MB of storage that you just plug into a USB slot on your PC.

Sounds cool, I know, but whats the problem?

As I started to use the meter I noticed some really strange results from my tests. Now I know my BG levels have beena little high and I haven’t been taking the best care of myself but my test on the Bayer Contour USB meter were ranging way higher than normal. For example, yesterday morning I was at 222 which the only time I was at that high of a level I was a raving ■■■. I wasn’t nearly as much of an ■■■ so I know that reading wasn’t right. I got out my old meter and tested, it read 124.

Another example was an afternoon at work. I was crashing hard, couldn’t stay awake so I know I was spiking. I took out my meter to test and I was at 144. Still a little to high I thought. I tested with the old meter again and it read 114. Those numbers seemed a little more correct.

I then decided to do a controlled test to see if the meter is off. Now, the Contour is one of those you don’t have to calibrate but the controlled test revealed it was right on target.

So this has me a little concerned, the reading of 222, is that what I truly was at and my other meter has been off all this time? If so then I really need to re-evaluate some aspects of my life. Or is this just an “average” of what the range typically is? I need to study up a little more on the “no-code” meters and see what I should expect in regards to readings and accuracy. If any of you use the no-code meters and have some insight and would like to share it with me, please feel free.

All i know is that I wish that I could get me one of them usb meters. I talked to my Bayer rep yesterday actually getting some strips sent to work for a presentation and she said that it should be released in Canada in March and that I’ll be the first person she calls when it get released in Canada. Also I think she tried to ppifk me up… fgit asked to go out for coffee or a movie or something. Haha anywho now i’m ramblin.

As far as the accuracy of your meter. I know that occasionally mine will give me a messed up reading however most of the time the monitors are on their game unless something crazy is happening. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Honestly, I always use no-code meters from Bayer, as they always tested closest to lab results, for me… My one Touch Ultra Mini was always way tooo low, and I was treating lows thinking I was having lows! But instead, I had higher blood sugar… I just won’t go back to One Touch, at all… I had called them to complain, and all they did was replace my strips, and not even do anything about the meter.

I think what I may do, is one of these weekends just do a full on test between the two and document the results. The 222 reading really had me concerned. I’ve only been up that high once before and I don’t ever want to be there again! LOL I’m sure my kid’s and fiancee’ will agree with me there.