New online course about diabetes

There's a course beginning on Coursera, which is online and free. It is titled Diabetes, A Global Challenge.

Coursera ( makes available a number of online courses. Participation is very flexible. A person who enrolls can choose to just watch some of the videos, or just participate in the discussion forums--or spend the time necessary to do all the assignments, take quizzes, and potentially earn a statement of accomplishment--any of this for free! Some people choose to pay for "signature track" which provides a more advanced statement of accomplishment, but I don't know details about that. The courses I've taken have been through the free program.

The info about this class says that it will have segments on epidemiology of diabetes, plasma glucose regulation, beta cell destruction, genetic aspects and stem cell based therapy. My memory of watching the introductory video was that this course focuses mostly on Type 2 diabetes.

The lead professor is in the department of biomedical sciences at the University of Copenhagen and Research Director at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biomedical Research. I believe that the foundation is also at the University of Copenhagen, and I've no idea how closely it is affiliated with Novo Nordisk.

I have really enjoyed the others classes that I have taken through Coursera! Thanks to Super_sally for posting about it awhile back!

Best wishes to all!


It begins today.

Another person/group that refers to "Diabetes" (in general) when it means Type 2 (in specific). Sigh.

Hard to tell from such a cursory description. If they really do discuss "beta cell destruction" then they may spend some time on T1. No telling without viewing the course, I guess. In any case, it sounds more like a survey than something with practical aspects.