New PDM for my Omnipod Dash fixed all my problems

I´ve used Omnipod Dash for a couple of years now coming from Omnipod Eros. I instantly noticed that Dash acted differently from Eros when delivering insulin and thought maybe some adjustments were made in the making of new pods, but Insulet said nothing had changed.

I´ve got three replacement PDMs for the Dash, but this last time the PDM i received acted completly different from all the others. It was responsive, didn´t have any “lag time” and suddenly it was like the insulin acted like it was supposed to as in the good old Eros-days.

The pic is a screenshot from Dexcom Clarity just for demonstration purposes. It shows “Time in Range” (65-144 mg/dl) and the 10th line is my first day using my new PDM.

Some things have obviously changed and the only factor changing was the PDM so it´s a strong indiactor. I ping @Marie20 and @Eric2 because I think this could be an interresting topic for them .

I live in Europe and my doctor said Insulet usually ships big batches, so this might be a new batch coming in and me getting “old” PDMs when needing replacements until now.

I post this in case other people face the same challenges and can´t figure out what´s wrong. It could be the PDM.


Thanks for this info. It’s helpful information to know!


Hi @Siri,
I have not used the Dash system, so I don’t know much about it. I do know that it does not do the automatic adjustments like the OmniPod 5 system. So if you have noticed a difference, perhaps there is an issue with the PDM itself.

The PDM signals the pod, but the delivery of insulin is really up to the pod itself. So if the PDM tells the pod to deliver X units, as long as the pod receives the signal and starts to deliver, then any issue with the delivery would be the fault of the pod, not the PDM.

(I can’t imagine a scenario where the PDM would tell the pod to deliver 1.0 units, and the pod would only decide to deliver 0.85 units, or something like that.)

So the only issue I could guess that would be the fault of the PDM is a failure to signal the pod, right?

What would your guess be?

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My guess is as good as yours, @Eric2. I just know it has to be connected to the PDM somehow. I pinged you because you always have this analytical approach. Thanks for taking time to comment.

My next journey is Loop with only Dash-pods and an iPhone. Never done anything like that before, so I guess it will be a seperate post later on.


I am a big fan of the home-made Loop! Even better once you start making your own modifications to it. :+1: