OmniPod: PDM incorrectly tracking reservoir?

Hi everyone!

History - I’ve been using OmniPod for about 5 years. It’s been a fairly consistent story: fill til the beep (~85 units), take off 80 hours later with a bit left in the reservoir. I average about 24 units of insulin per 24 hour period. (I sure blew that average over the holidays!!)

Lately, however, my reservoir has been reading <50 units within 24 hours. Taking advantage of the “all history” screen, I can discern that (let’s just use this most recent anomaly) I have used 33 (14.75 basal) units of insulin in ~30 hours but the PDM says I’ve got 29 units remaining in the reservoir. 85-33=52, which is certainly a lot more than 29.

Additionally, it seems my pod continues to deliver insulin beyond when it should have had an empty reservoir. I’ve had a “LOW” reservoir reading, taken a small bolus, and then had .5 basal deliver for more than 10 hours before having the “empty reservoir” message.

I’ve been in touch with Insulet several times over the course of 14ish days to discuss the issue and attempt to resolve it. I received a new pod; the issue remained. I received a new PDM; the issue remains.

There is no insulin escaping the pod - I can’t smell, see or feel anything out of the ordinary. I’m not experiencing unexplained lows or highs. PDM batteries are full and have been changed since this began. I am not wearing the pod in uncharted territories. I did have minor surgery in December that has affected my level of activity, but I’m not sure how that would affect anything. I don’t work around magnetic fields. Nothing significant has changed in my life/lifestyle.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Did you get it sorted out? Any thoughts you’d like to share/questions you’d like to ask?

Many thanks in advance!!