New pen needle from BD

Check it out here: BD Auto Shield Duo

Seems completely unnecessary to me, and another example of waste in the name of differentiation to compete. I can't imagine these are anything but at least 2x the price of regular pen needles given all the extra material and mechanism compared to regular pen needles.

Has the added benefit for BD that they can't be reused for more than one injection!

Stupid. Maybe some application in hospitals or nursing homes, not for self-users.

Gee, won't let us use that syringe a second, third, forth time (or more) either will it !!!

They can keep it. No thanks.

This would be useful for people with an extreme fear of needles. There was once a young gentleman on this site that was just prescribed insulin but was unable to bring himself to inject himself. This might have helped him get started.

I'm like everyone else though, I just don't see the need for this long term.

This is also extremely helpful for students or anyone who works in a school environment. Needle safety is a big issue for kids with diabetes who have to test and take shots at school, and as a teacher if I still worked in the school environment (or if I ever return to working in a school environment) I would love these. One of my worst days during student teaching was forgetting my insulin pen (and a capped but used pen needle) at school and finding that it was gone when I returned to the school to get it. Thankfully a teacher had taken it for safe keeping, but until I found that out later in the evening I had nightmares of kids playing with it and injecting themselves with insulin. Even though most people may not need this, having the option available is never a bad thing in my opinion.