New Pod highs

Has anyone had a spike in sugars after a new pod is put on? And does it make a difference where you place it?

Definitely. There are some previous posts about this but I cannot remember what they are titled off the top of my head. I know when I start a new pod I usually push 0.5 units or so to ‘jump start’ my body into knowing that insulin is coming from a different location now (this is even if my # is currently where I want it).
And yes it makes a difference for me where I place it. The absorption rate is different for me in different areas of my body (same as when I was on MDI). My stomach was fast, then arms, then legs were the slowest. Now my arms usually absorb a little faster than my flank area.

This used to be a huge problem for me. Things that’ve helped (really, really helped):

  • I make sure my bg is under 110 when I change pods…Under 100 if possible. I get more resistant to insulin as my sugar goes up, so I almost always spike higher if my bg’s over 150.
  • I try not to eat for at least an hour after I put on a new pod, so I can make sure everything’s working okay before I do something that’ll raise my sugars.
  • If I do spike after a new pod, I’ll do corrections via a syringe. Works much better!
  • I used to try bolusing and set a +15% tempt basal for about an hour after a pod change. Half the time I’d end up going way low :frowning: so I don’t do that anymore. Really, since I’ve followed the bullets above it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be!

I have a bg spike after I put on a new pod and to compensate for that I do a bolus of 2, 3, or 4 units of Novolog depending on where my bg was before I put on the pod. I learned this way of compensating for the spike by experimenting and upon the advice of my CDE. Where I place the pod definitely affects the absorption rate…my stomach (love handle area) is best, then the arms followed by legs. Everyone is different, but the above method works for me.

Ditto. Roughly 70% of the time I will have spikes in my blood sugars especially in lower absorption areas; lower absorptions for me are my arms, back, and butt. The areas that work best for me are legs and stomach. I like Bradfords advice to “jump start” the pod in a new area, I will definitely give this a try. Also, Elizabeth’s advice is worth a try as well.


How soon after the change is everyone seeing the spikes? I changed yesterday evening about 7pm (last nite it seemed fine,) but this am, my bg is high and going higher. It seems that this has happened before…I think? Thanks!

I change my pod in the AM after breakfast so I know that meal has been covered with a bolus. My bg goes up right away all am sometime longer. Tomorrow I am going to put in a temp basal of 30% for the morning. My arms were my fav spot but after a day of too high my nurse had me change to my butt. Don’t love this site. I get so nervous when I have to change my pods. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll let ya know.

Good luck Christine!!!

OK, so I put in a temp basal and was still high so next time i’m goin a little higher.