With 65% of the community (per the poll when I looked at it) being Type 1 and another 15% being LADA it is no wonder I find so much with this site dedicated to CGM and insulin pumps that my insurance will not cover for my Type 2 condition.


Sorry to hear that! Have you reached out to the manufacturer companies, I remember meeting a lady from Dexcom and her job was to help patients with denied claims.


To be clear, my initial comment was about why I found so much content in the site irrelevant to my situation and not a comment about the fact that my insurance will not cover CGM or insulin pumps for people with Type 2. I have no issues with doing multiple fingerstick tests per day and based on other factors (irregular schedule, meals etc) my current insulin regimen using of NovoLog and Lantus probably gives me more consistent control than trying to regulate an insulin pump. In consulting with my MD (general practitioner, I do not have an Endo) we have never considered the option of CGM or an insulin pump therapy.


And I was attracted to TuD because the site I had been frequenting for many years had been virtually taken over by T2s who loved to chat about irrelevant subjects more properly considered chitchat. I have nothing against chitchat but do find that a diabetes forum should deal mostly with diabetes. Most of the T1s who had populated that forum have departed and I, one of the last, have now departed as well.


Not sure about the assumption that the community is mostly T2, this poll only shows a 22% of T2s.

I encourage everyone in our community to share any tips or pearls of wisdom to navigate insurance appeals, and those T2s using tech; how were you able to get it approved?