New T2 to the TuDiabetes

I’m new to the tudiabetes family. I’m a T2 and have been managing with Byetta and diet and excercise. Lately my blood sugars have been up and down with extreme levels and I’m thinking of asking my Endo about a pump. I love to work out, hike, and camp with my son’s Boy Scout troop. The hypos have made all of that very difficult and I hate being on a schedule. I lost 35 lbs last year and I have gained 5 of that back. My A1C went from 5.5 in July to 6.3 in November. With the highs and lows that I’m experiencing now I’m sure when I see the doctor today that it will surely not be good. Any advice on pumps and experiences with making the decision to move to insulin would be greatly helpful to me. Sorry if I posted this twice, I’m still learning my way around site.

Many insurance companies will not cover a pump for a T2. I think it makes more sense to look into your coverage before thinking about more theoretical issues.

I have been on Byetta and Victoza(not at the same time) Victoza is supposed to the a better Byetta. I was on Victoza, Novolog and Glimipride at the same time. The effect wares off of me after months. I am now on MDI Levemir/Novolog and in the process of increasing my dose of Levemir until I get the fasting morning numbers we are looking for. I like the shots

Hello! and welcome to our community!!
I take byetta. I hope you are not nauseated. I experienced horrible nausea the first couple of months. I have been using it for a year and I don’t think it stops my appetite like it should. It will drop my BS levels but it does not control my appetite very well. Pumps for T2 are very hard to come by. They are mostly given to T1 folks unless your doctor will work with you. Do you see a general practioner or an endocrinologist? It seems like you need to tweek your medications if you are experiencing highs and lows. I still experience this. There is no real way to keep it level all the time. There will be days where the BS is fine then things like a cold, the flu, stress on the job or just eating will elevate the BS levels. It is not a perfect science and don’t try to be perfect with its management. Just do the best you can. Friend me and we can talk futher…

Thanks for your input. My doc said I’m doing very well and I’m not in need of a pump yet. I do need to manage some stress. She asked that I switch from Byetta to Victoza or do Byetta and Actos. I like Byetta as I have not had any problems with it but I don’t want to be on Actos which I hear can cause weight gain. Victoza I plan to try but I’m a little nervous about the possibility that it could cause Tyroid Cancer. She reviewed my numbers and I have had a few highs in the 190’s (but not many) and three lows at 60 but that was because I sometimes get to busy to eat. She said I’m lucky because I have options because I do watch what I eat and I work out often. She said I need to eat more carbs when working out. She said when and if I need a pump that will be no problem as she likes how they work out for her patients but I’m not in need as I have good control. I’m sitting here pondering if I will use the Victoza pen today. Morning reading was 99 today.