New Tandem infusion sets

Does any one hate the choices of infusion sets Tandem is giving its customers? I am very unhappy. I do not like the spring loaded sets and there is no way I am walking around with a needle in me.

I use manually inserted Varisoft (short cannula length) sets which are the angled set that replaces Comfort Shorts and before that Silhouettes with Medtronic. The insertion needle is ugly but it doesn’t hurt too badly. You can insert the sets at whatever angle you prefer and even vary the depth. I rarely have a failed set—maybe once every two years. Although I experiment with other types of sets, I have always returned to these in my 15 years of pumping.


I am really uncomfortable with a needle that remains in me. I am not afraid of needles, but when I went on the pump 30 years ago the only choice was the needle and they could be really uncomfortable. Infusion sets with flexible cannulas were coming out and I did switch to those but they just weren’t that good. I had to remove that pump when I gave birth to my son by C-section, and I just never put it back on. I may be at a similar moment right now, but I am trying like crazy to avoid it. I just want something that can be manually inserted. The ultraflex was perfect for me. I never had a single problem with them and there was never a question about an infusion set actually being in working order once it was inserted. I do not know why Tandem didn’t find a way to have something similar.

Up until now I have had only good things to say about Tandem but they may be losing a customer. I am going to meet with their representative on Monday, but I do not expect any real resolution. She can’t offer me what they don’t have. :disappointed:

The needle for the Varisoft sets does not stay in you. The cannula is Teflon and the needle is only for insertion and is pulled out,

Yes. Very unhappy with the switch. I love my Cleo 90 and the versatility I have with it. I also have 2 boxes of infusion sets that I can no longer get cartridges for because the connector is different now. Just another thing on the very long list of things I do not like about Tandem.

Please clarify.

  1. A matter of when. . .So my Tandem is >8 yr old and I can get a new one, and the X2 looks OK, but it’s not allowed with the G6 yet. If I understand something I read on a US Dexcom site, Medicare isn’t OK with it at this time (Oct 2018). I have United Healthcare managed “advantage” plan. Maybe in a few months it’s allowed.

  2. Will they support the G5 once the G6 is approved? Also, is the G6 worth the wait? So what if sensor is 10 days or 7 days. I hate wearing anything like that for more than a few days anyway. Is cost the same?

  3. Apparently Cleo 90 is out now. And it’s replaced by Autosoft 90 that I never tried. Apprently Autosoft is not a leur lock but a T-lock so no old cartridges can be used. Do I understand that there’s a needle that stays in you now? If so, that’s awful. Tell me this can’t be so. What’s the deal here?

  4. Is the Tandem with a G6 even the way to go or something better?

I am sick of the whole thing to be honest with you and have become a “bad” diabetic since switching back to MDI. Never had a CGM before. Too embarrassed to even give a HA1c given my training. Just trying to sort this all out. Any response appreciated.

I think the bigger issue is Medicare has not completed the process for the G6 yet. Hopefully when they finish that, they will (at the same time) also issue specific guidance that the Tandem is allowed to be used as the receiver for the G6.

The original Tandem t:slim X2 does not connect to either the G5 or the G6.
With the Tandem G5 update from last year (August 2017) applied (but not the Basal-IQ update) then the X2 is able to connect to the G5.
With the Tandem Basal-IQ update from this year (August 2018) is applied then the G5 no longer will connect but the G6 will connect to the X2.

If you want to make use of the Basal-IQ algorithm then you must use the G6.

We have been actively using the Basal-IQ now for four weeks (or so) and have been extremely impressed with it.

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Nope. Tandem does make steel needle sets for people who don’t react well to the plastic canulas, but those are different from the more common AutoSoft 90s you mentioned. All of the AutoSoft sets come in a plastic UFO-looking inseter with a steel introducer needle, which you then withdraw after insertion, leaving only the flexible plastic canula in you. The inserter and connection points are different from the Cleos, but the part that stays in you is similar.

Yes, to the new t:lock connection. It’s smaller than the old luer lock connectors, so you lose significantly less insulin to the fill process. Unfortunately, the proprietary connection takes away your freedom of choice in choosing infusion sets, though. I think i prefer the inserter of the AutoSoft sets, but I like the disconnect point on the Cleos better. You can’t change the angle of the tubing with the AutoSoft sets. You have to make sure it’s pointed the direction you want when you apply the set.

So would you join my thinking that since I am not in any rush that waiting a few months for the x2 and the g6 makes sense? I realize there’s no certainty on timing. The issue is one of change over from g5 to g6, if you already had the x2, namely, if that’s cumbersome, or really no issue whatsoever? I imagine also getting approved and set up on the g5 and then some nightmare changing all the paperwork to a g6 if it’s even allowed to upgrade without $$$ wasted or lost. Sadly my training in related topics were in content, not billing, coding, medicare, FDA-approval process and rules, and reimbursements. And further, is the x2 and g6 the best choice or other pump and CGM combo, if you know the latest word on the street on that one since I am not following it and don’t know? thanks.

Thanks for an well-informed answer. I learnt from you that the autosoft apparently are unidirectional not the 360 degree adjust-ability of the cleo. It’s a small concern but interesting. I used the 23 inch length anyway and plan for the same on the autosoft, I suppose, if for no other reason than to not waste insulin. I had been removing to inject s.c. whatever was in the old tubing. don’t tell anybody and don’t anybody reading this do that. I hate waste.

But I do have a question.

I presume a cleo will not attach to the new cartridges for the x2, and that an autosoft will not attach to the old cartridge before the x2. But can an old cartridge and an old cleo be used with an x2? (I surmise yes, just fine since the explanation would be that the cartridge itself is identical except the tubing locks differ, meaning the fittings at the infusion line points, comparing the two when choosing between cleo and autosoft.) Can you verify that is correct or did I get it wrong?

You are correct in that if you match the cartridge with the inset it works fine. The X2 cartridge is the same where it goes into the pump, etc. The only difference on the new ones is the connection for the TLock itself is different.

thank you.