New to Dexcom

My name is Andy. I’m new to Dexcom. I’m supposed to be getting the kit and sensors Thursday and hopefully I can train Fri. I also use an Omnipod Insulin Pump. If I can’t get in Friday, is it alright to start doing things by myself? (I was on Minimed CGMS for a little bit.) Any advice or troubleshooting tips?

i started without training and to-date i have only spoken to a dexcom rep by phone. it’s fairly instinctive.

Me too. Since I has used the MM CGM, I was pretty confident on using the Dexcom. I’ve only had to call Dexcom because of “failed sensor” errors.

Welcome to the Dexcom Users Andy!
For most of us it is a little bit of a learning curve. Until you become confident with it it seems a little hard to disconnect the plastic injector “pump” and the transmitter lock-in tab. I would prefer to wait for the trainer who will make you do itself the first time, and that helps build confidence. I have found the Dexcom Tech Support to be unfailingly helpful, so don’t hesitate to call there if you run into problems. You can also learn a lot from just reading as much as you can stomach of this Dexcom Users Group postings. There is a ton of helpful info here. Good luck!

I’m getting my DexCom CGM next week and they’ve told me to charge the reciever for at least 3 hrs. before they come to train me and to read the manual thoroughly. What am I in for? all these skin preps, tape etc.I’m totally new to this. Mine is all out of pocket as Medicare won’t cover any of it. My Dr. tried every which way to get an Animas pump for me to no avail. Going with CGM as it’s a whole lot less expensive. fishing lady

It will become easier after you talk to the trainer. I have only been using mine for a few months. My A1c went from 7.4 to 6.7, the first time it has ever been below 7.0. Be patient and ask your trainer lots of questions. The people on this site have also been very helpful.
Good luck

I asked for a trainer to come to my house to go over my new Dexcom to make sure that I was using it right. The trainer told me that she covered three states and that Dexcom trainers did not come to people’s houses. She said that if I wanted in person training, I would have to get it at my endocrinologists’s office or an approved Dexcom diabetes center.

When I used the Medtronic CGM and the Abbott Navigator the trainers come out to my house or to my office.

I was trained by Animas reps for the Dexcom. They did the training at my endo’s office. I prefer to use my home as a last resort for safety reasons. Although I’m surprised they wouldn’t come to your office.


I was on DexCom CGM for 30 days and sent it back. It did not correlate with meter reading fingersticks. Also it is a pain to keep up with since you have to be within 5 ft. of it. I lay in bed and it was within a foot of me and said Out of Range. What? It is cumbersome also. Try for a smaller one. As far as I’m concerned DexCom has a lot of perfecting to do with their CGM. The fishinglady

No, Medicare won’t cover any of it. I had DexCom 30 days and sent it back. It doesn’t correlate with your fingerstick meter readings, you waste a bunch of strips calibrating it and you have to do 3 fingersticks 15 min. apart. You have to be within 5 ft. of it at all times and I had it on my bedside table 1 ft. from me and it goes off beeping “Out of Range” What? I don’t advise spending $1800.00 for it. I’m waiting for my money back from a 1 mo. trial. DexCom has a lot of perfecting to do. It is heavy and cumbersome. fishinglady

Hi Fishinglady,
What CGM do you use now? The range is an issue with both the Guardian (Medtronic) and the Dexcom. WIth Medtronic, the range is so low that if I have the CGM in my left pocket and the pump in my right pocket I would often get an out of range signal. The Navigator was a nightmare with the defective materials, the indefinite production delays and the recent Class 2 recall.

I am currently using the Dexcom and running it simultaneously with my old Medtronic system. I find the range a problem with both units, but maybe slightly better with the Dexcom. In fairness, the Medtronic transmitter is out of warranty.

None of them are perfect, but all of them are better than no CGM at all.

PS I am not much of a fisherman, but there is some world class trout fishing on the Gunpowder River near my house. I assume that you fish because of your screen name. I kayak and hunt mushrooms, but I say hello to all of the people who fish.

This is a big downfall of DexCom. No, it’s all telephone. A bunch of baloney. This CGM is bulky and cumbersome. Have to be within 5 ft. of it at all times. I was within a ft. of it and it beeps that I’m out of range. What? You waste a lot of strips keeping this one calibrated. Fingersticks don’t correlate with the monitor. I hated it. Sent it back and waiting for my money back. Find a smaller one. One time the monitor said 156 and did a fingerstick and it was 103. This happens numerous times with the DexCom. fishinglady

Hi Andy, I just got my dexcom a little over a month ago. I blogged about it on

The rep was out of town when I got it, but she called me and let me know that if I felt confident I could go ahead and do it on my own. So with sweating palms I did it! Go slowly and the video on the site walks you thru the process of setting it up. I still use the set up photos to follow insertion process, but it’s really pretty easy.

The hardest part I have is trying to get the little plastic clip off that is to help remove the sensor later and then the next sticky part is pulling the syringe off without pulling the sensor out. Those are the two hardest parts for me, just go slowly and I bet you’ll have no trouble.

I also started without a trainer present. It is a littel nerve wracking, but it turned out fine. I would start in a location where you have easy access to the device as it is a little hard to learn the technique. -Allen

I started without a trainer and it all worked out. Just make sure you pull back on the round disk (while holding the base) after you depress the plunger or you’ll pull the sensor wire out when you disconnect the inserter. I’ve wasted 2 senors in the last year, forgetting to do that.

This seems so strange to me. I did not know that a trainer was ever seen for a CGM. I started my Dexcom in January, this year. Nothing was said about a trainer and I don’t remember seeing any discussions here about trainers, but then I have not read very many discussions. Yes, I would have waited for a trainer. I am sure I would have had a better start. This users group has taught me all that I needed to know but it is difficult to teach someone how to insert a new sensor and pursue all the steps, without a visual. I looked at videos and studied the manual, but a trainer would have been very helpful. I had a terrible time getting decent numbers in January, but I learned all the tips here and have had good results for 3 1/2 months now.