New to Omnipod, and pumping. Question about filling the pod

First, thanks for all the participation and great discussion related to the Omnipod. I was diagnosed T1 five years ago and have been on MDI (pens) since, but started using the Omnipod about two weeks ago. The discussion threads on this site were invaluable as I was making the my decision to make the jump from injections to pumping. So far, REALLY like the Omnipod and being off of MDI.

I’ve been having trouble getting a full 200u of insulin in the last 2-3 pods. Everything was going well but now I cannot get more than 120-150u in the reservoir before I get the double beep of a full pod. Since I’m new to pumping and using vial insulin, I feel confident it’s a newbie error I’m making. I’m pushing in a syringe full of air, turning the vial up-side-down and drawing in slowly. Just now sure what it is I’m doing wrong. Also wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

Thanks for any help and guidance…

The double beep does not indicate that the pod is full, its just an indication that the pod has been “turned on”. Typically this beep should take place when you have about 80u in the pod since that is the min required amount. SO put all the 200u in and you will be fine.

Word of advise, i like to fill the pod slowly. I heard that helps with any pod errors, though i havent had any.

I agree w/ Eric. It will beep after the 85 u mark (that’s the minimum fill in the pod). You can continue pushing insulin and it’s fine. And I also agree w/ Eric that filling the pod slowly (w/ room temp insulin) will prevent/minimize pod errors during the prepping process.

You’re pushing the air into the insulin vial right? No air into the pod? Just making sure because that would be cause for error also! But yes the beep beep is turning the pod on. Sould affect how much insulin! :slight_smile: I love the pod too! Got it in June. Best thing that ever happened to me with my diabetes! You can comment on my page and ask any questions any time you need help or advice!


Thanks, everyone. I had a feeling this was some sort of beginner mistake on my part. I simply stopped filling after I heard the beeps thinking it was full.

Thanks, Danielle. I will definitely take you up on that. I started using a Dexcom cgm in November 2010 and thought that was life changing…until I started with the pod!

Hi Kevin. Soon to get my POD (1st pump ever). I was told that 150 units are ok to put in the POD. How are you doing now in November after the first few months? Are you still happy w/your POD? Have a great day.

I use just above minimum and it seems to me that the pod double beeps after a set amount of time rather than a set amount of insulin. I fill to between 80 and 90 units and I usually have to wait a few seconds after I'm done filling before the pod double beeps. That causes a bit of anxiety now that I've been using the pod for awhile and get the occasional pod that fails to double beep.

Ellie, I too will be starting on the OmniPod which is also my first pump.

I am excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm meeting with the trainer tomorrow morning to get things started. I have all the supplies that were sent in the mail.

When will you be starting?