New to pumping and running ketones. Help?

I Am on a mm 723. Running a trace ketones and blood sugars are not dropping. Tested and was 176. Bolused and waited 15 minutes and tested and now 184. Any advice would help…thanks.

My suggestion: Relax!! Trace ketones are not a cause for concern, especially when accompanying a blood sugar of 176. Fifteen minutes is not very long for a correction to take effect; corrections can take an hour or two, more if you ate recently. I would just wait a bit and see how it goes. If after 2 hours you still haven't come down. Are you confident in your ISF? I have been on a pump for a year and just realized I need different ISF's for morning (which wasn't enough to bring me down) and evening (which was crashing me too low). If you're not certain of your ISF, keep records of corrections and consider revising it if you see a pattern.

Most of us don't bother checking for ketones unless we are 250 or higher without coming down for a period of time. DKA at 176 is not something to worry about.

15 mins is too soon to see a BG change, and ketones are not a danger at under 200 BG.
Are you doing a low carb diet ? Ketones are due to low insulin or low carb, that's when your body do things "differently" and produces ketones.
They appear after strong and lasting exercise too, and some other reasons.
So, if your BG doesn't sky rocket, your insulin is OK and your micro + set is doing its job.

Hey Jason -
Keep testing every hour if you are concerned. If you keep trending up I would change the insulin after three hours of not seeing anything trending downward. The 15 minute rule is for treating a low blood sugar (eat 15g carbs then wait 15 min. to test again.) Let us know how it is going for you.

Just wanted to add one thing - if you’re truly having a site failure, you might consider correcting with a shot. I agree that 15 minutes is too soon to tell if your correction is working, but if you find in an hour or two that your bg isn’t responding and you think it’s a site failure, you can always correct with a shot and change your site.

Good luck and sending normal bg vibes your way!

Do you have some insulin "on board", or perhaps some food on board? If I run up a bit like that, I usually take the dog for a walk which, of course, she is completely on board with. If it's running up at the same time for a couple of days in a row, and I'm fairly confident in the carb counts, I'll adjust the numbers but I'd need to know a bit more data to guess at that here? Good luck!