High sugars in the morning

The last 2 mornings my blood sugar was high.I knew it by the way I was feeling.I had .03 ketones the first morning.This morning I was just high.I think that my basal rate might need adjusting.I will test in the night to see what is happening.This has got me worried.Does anyone know how long does your bloodsugar have to be high before ketones occur?

When you say your BG is high what do you mean. Me personally if I woke up in the morning and my BG was 145 I would say that I was high. I usually run 100 and lower. If you are talking about 250 then that is a different story. If you went to bed at 11pm and your BG was 110 and you ate dinner early, bolused properly and didn’t eat something high in fat and carbs like pizza and your BG is going up in large numbers then something is going on that needs some fixing. Basal testing is a great place to start, I just started using CGMS and it really helped me tweak my insulin usage. You may be affected by dawn syndrome. Which could help explain those morning highs. You really need to test before you go to bed and then again at around 3am and then maybe 5am. If your numbers start going up around 3am then I would adjust your basl rate that starts at 12 or 1 am because there is a 2 hour lag time.
As far as keytones go I would just make sure that you are under control for the rest of the day. That should limit any major problems and if you can’t get it under control call your doctor or your diabetes pump nurse and ask them for advice. I have gotten a lot of good tips for pump control from my nurse. They work with the pumps and the patients and usually have a very good understaning of how to make your situation better.

Good Luck


As it turns out my basal rates are okay.I tested last night with good readings and in the morning I was good.I figured the snack I had before bed was probably more carbs than I bolused for.I ate something different.For me 13 mmol is high but when you get close to 20mmol that is super high for me.I don’t know what that equals in U S numbers.