New to Pumping

My physician suggested I switch to a pump and fore go daily shots. After meeting with the reps from Minimed, Animas and Omnipod I’m more confused than ever as too which pump would provide the easiest lifestyle and use. I’m rather insulin sensitive and my physician has worked out that I would probably use approximately 110-130 units daily.
I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback from those who use the above pumps as to likes and dislikes. I’m aware that it all boils down to personal preference.
Thank you. Your insight is greatly accepted.

I’m glad your doc has suggested a pump. I’ve had one since 1997, and it’s wonderful! What I don’t understand is your thought that you’re insulin-sensitive. The amount of insulin your doctor has worked out for you actually indicates that you are insulin-resistant!!! Those of us who are T1 are usually quite insulin sensitive (with exceptions, of course), and use much less than 110 units/day. Take me, for instance–I use maybe 20 units/day. My husband, who is also a T1 on a pump since 1996, usually uses less than 50 units/day and he’s 6’5" and 220lbs.

Are you really T1? If you are, you must have some issues in regards to insulin resistance…

I may have gotten my terms messed up similar to my sugars. I’m new at this, please forgive me, I’ll never do it again(lol)

Please see reply to Dave

Maybe he said insulin insensitivity. Not only is my suagr out of conttrol I think my hearing my be going as well

That’s OK Mark–don’t worry–didn’t know you were so new :slight_smile: Dave and I are only too familiar with diabetes, pumps, etc! Please take care…

Hi Mark , one of your concerns maybe the size of the reservoir of the pump in order not to run out of insulin too quickly . some pumps hold less /more than others . I can only speak for the Medtronic brand ,722 which holds a 3.0 ml I believe . I use the 522 , 1.8 ml reservoir …" they" ( meaning the pumps) , do the same except larger reservoir …another soon to be pumper !!

Like Dave and Mary said you may be insulin resistant. I am for sure. When I was on novolog I was using 200 units a day in my pump. My doc switched me to a insulin to help with the resistance called u500. It is 5 times stronger so I don’t have to use as much. You know I really haven’t watched to see yet how much I usually use per day. Thanks Mary you gave me something to think about. But also like Dave said everybody stands by their pump, that is why they use it. Like me, I love my animas ping. But I do have to say my 2 favs out of all is the ping and minimed. Good luck on getting the pump, it is a great choice to get one. Makes our lives better, easier and just plain healthier.

I think with that high dosage of insulin you are insulin resistant. I use to use a lot of insulin when I was on the anxiety med Effexor and switched to the MM 722 from the 522 as it holds more insulin. I am on my second MM pump and really do not have any complaints, except for the recent recall of their infusion sets, that really scared me.

I believe I am about ready for a new pump and not sure if I will switch to another type. We shall see.

I have always found MM customer service great as well.

Welcome Mark. I can still remember those days of wondering what the heck I was going to do now that I am a diabetic. Now I’m beginning to wonder what the heck I’m wondering about. :slight_smile:
I also LOVE my MM722 +CGMS. It has totally changed this 25+ year type 1 diabetic’s life! I could go on but I shall refrain. Good luck on your decision and best of control on your diabetes.

'nuff said about whether you’re insulin sensitive, insulin resistant or hearing impaired.

I’ve only used the Minimed and I have no complaints. Here are the things I’d suggest you consider.

  1. Reservoir size. MM has two sizes.
  2. Tubeless or not. Some people say tubes get in the way. I don’t. Some people don’t like having a lump attached to their body as they would with the Omnipod.
  3. Reuseable reservoir. The Omnipod does not have one. The primary complaint I have heard about the Omnipod is that it does not adhere well on some people and they consequently waste a reservoir of insulin. The pod sometimes fail, again resulting in a loss of a reservoir. By reusable I don’t mean refillable. I mean that if something goes wrong between the reservoir and the infusion site, you can keep the reservoir and switch out everything in between.
  4. Software. Medtronic and Animas have proprietary software for downloading data. Omnipod, I’m surprised to learn, has none. It’s great if your doctor has the same software so the data can be downloaded at the office. They don’t always have it. Medtronic has free on-line software accessible from any Windows computer with an internet connection. Most doctor’s office have that. On the other hand, the Animas software runs on a Mac, MM’s doesn’t.

MM and Animas are similar and I think the primary differences are MM’s greater market share and it’s on-line software. Omnipod is a different animal.

Talk to the reps again about getting a trial run with the Omnipod and with the Animas OR Minimed. Wear them around for a week and see how they fit. Get one that injects saline solution so you can see what it feels like to respond to the alarms and program your basal rates and bolus’.

There’s also this, slightly dated, side-by-side pump comparison:


I’m T2 and have been on oral meds, insulin for about 1 year about 6 years ago, off insulin, on oral plus Byetta and now going back on insulin. It’s been a merry go round of therapy’s working with my endo. He has now retired and am working with a physician who was diabetic and has since had a pancreas and kidney transplant. He’s only practice is in the hospital working with diabetics.

Thank you to all who have replied. I’m glad I found this group. Bless you all.


Terry said it well. Honestly if anyone was thinking about your “needs” the answer is clear.

Medtronic has a 300 unit reservior size. So with all the other pump choices you do not that option.

Meaning with other pumps, more cost for supplies, and more time spend changing your pump reservoir.

Simple answer to me, Mark you are getting confused with all the “Pump marketing noise” - Keep it simple

if you need that much insulin in one day you shouldn’t use the omni pod it only holds 200 units