New to this Forum, and some questions

Hello to all, Thank you for your warm welcome to your Forum. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2. I had been feeling tired and had two dime sized discolorations on my right leg. They didn’t hurt or itch but it was something new. My wife urged me to see my doctor and I did. My BG was 312, as tested in the office. That was the beginning of the diagnoses. Since that time I have attended Diabetes Diet classes and done some amateur research on the disease, as Im sure most of you have.One of the recommendations at the Diet classes was that we Diabetics should try to have 15 choices of Carbs per day, one Carb being 15grams. I find it difficult to meet that goal on a daily basis.

I have a veritable cocktail of pills to take daily. 2000mg of Metformin, 40mg of Simvastatin, 20mg of Lisinoprill, 75mg of Plavix, 2mg od Glimepiride, 80mg Baby aspirin and three fish oil tabs. Some like the plavix are for cholesterol ( I had a Stent placed in my aorta a year ago due to a blockage.)

I am due to return to my Doctor in Nov. I have noticed my BG was higher than I would have liked in the last two months, 150 to 180, Im not sure why.

About two weeks ago my Daughter suggested I start juicing vegetables, something she has done for years. I thought it was something that may not help but also something that would do no harm. I had an old juice machine gathering dust in the kitchen, almost forgotten but still operable. So I started juicing. Carrots, Apples, Kale, Green beans, Brussel Sprouts and the list goes on to include Bitter Melon (which is supposed to lower BG and be beneficial to Diabetics) and a scoop of wheatgrass in each glass… My blood glucose has lowered to the normal level, my readings are from 95 to 111 with a huge spike of 230 when I juiced Pineapple and other fruits. Too much of a sugar shock I’m sure. I have not juiced fruits since that one time.

I wonder if anyone else has had any experience with juicing. I seem to feel better and have some more energy. Something my 67 year old body can certainly use. I have enjoyed the juice so much I have purchased a new juice machine to replace my old clunker of a machine. Thank you if you have read to this point of a long post. I look forward to your comments.

Don’t know about the juicing, not surprised about the pineapple, question about the 15 choices of Carbs.

This is not the way I count carbs. If one Carb equals 1 grams and you are to have 15 choices of carbs per day, did the class recommend that you have 15x15 (225 grams) of carbs/day?


Terry, the Amer Diabtetes Assoc recomends 45 to 60 grams of Carbs per meal. That is what was taught in my class at Fairoaks Hospital. THey said that one carb choice equaled 15 grams. If you have 60 grams per meal it does equate to 180 grams per day. I still have problems reaching that goal daily. Do some research on diabetes and juicing, you may be surprised.

Judith, this confusing for me. Why would they teach me to eat a lot of carbs? As I said I seldom seem to be able to eat that much and don’t. I guess we should all do what works for us individually. It’s be a dangerous road that dosent have any road signs or signs that tell you to go left and right at the same time. Perhaps we know less about our disease than we think.

Pleae read Diabetes 101. I am type one; I use an insulin pump, and I don’t do tradtional “Low carb”, but I do try to imit my carbs to limit my carbs to around 100 a day., about 30-35 grams per meal…most times. Jenny, the author of that blog, has many helpful tips for type 2’s and a reason WHY such high carb levels are recommended by organizations such as the ADA, whose recommendations the class you wen to may be teaching.

David, the thing about type 1 or type 2 diabeties is that everyone’s diabetes varies, and there is A LOT to learn. However, you can apply what you have learned about your own body to acheive better health…One step, one day at a time… Tudiabetes is a wonderful site that has allowed me to learn so much more than through doctor’s visits and dietician’s advice alone .

God Bless,

Thank you Brunetta. I look forward to to learning all I can. This looks like one of the places to do that.

Yes, we are all different. I think your mostly veggie diet is the way to go. I also think that raw veggies are probably better than cooked.

Have you ever considered juicing?

Thank you. I have a new machine that is a breeze, both in juicing and in cleanup. I am juicing twice a day. It seems the only way I can get enough veggies.

Most dieticians teach on the ADA calorie recommended diet. For instance if they tell you to be on a 1800 ADA diet they are recommending 13-15 carb servings a day (1 serving = 15 gms). Just like everything, few people are textbook examples and react differently to the same thing. You need to see what the amount of carbs you can handle is. I, personally can deal well with 100-150 gms a day depending on the amount of protein have with the carbs and how many carbs I try to have a one time.

You don’t need all those carbs.