Just a little help on some things

Hi Everyone I am new to the site and I was jw if you guys could help me with some things. I am working my way up to 2000 metformin and I was just curious if you guys could help me with what I should be eating. My a1c was 6.6% but my triglycerides were 400. I am trying to get pregnant and I am going to a class next month but I want to get an early start.

Thanks everyone
Ashley :)


Often your triglycerides are elevated because of high blood sugars. Extra circulating glucose is converted by your body into triglycerides as part of storing the extra energy as fat. Many people find that triglycerides go down as your blood sugar control improves. A very effective treatment for high triglycerides is a low carb diet. Fish oil has also been shown to be quite effective.

Did I mention a low carb diet?

Often diabetes classes will recommend what is called the ADA diet, a high carb, low fat diet. The suggestion is that you if you just "eat less" then you will weigh less and you will get better. But in the end, the truth will become apparent. Dietary carbohydrates raise your blood sugar and reducing the dietary carbs has an immediate and beneficial effect on your blood sugar control. A good diet to consider on your journey is "The New Atkins for You."

I was also concerned about my cholesterol levels when I was diagnosed. At first I basically followed the ADA recs(which seemed low carb to me at the time!). I went for healthy oils in food forms: nuts, sardines, olive oil. That & daily exercise greatly improved my chol. levels.
With time, I have taken my carb intake down further. At 100-120g/day, it feels low carb to me & I'm doing well with just metformin.

The correct level of carb intake is the one that enables you to meet your goals.
For some people 100-120 will work. I personally have had to completely eliminate the carbs that were causing me to spike over 140, which I have set as my goal. Foods I no longer consume include all grains, sugars, most fruit, beans and potatoes. This has put me at around 30 to 50 g/day.

If you would like to research a lower carb diet I would recommend the bloodsugar101 website as well as the Bernstein Group here on tuD.

The diet you follow is a big factor, but excerzise is also a key in keeping your Bloodglucose, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol under control.

Those two websites, that BadMoon recomended, are great. Also look at Diabeticwarrior.net

Thank you. I don't really know anything about the diet other than I am eating like 45 for breakfast/ 30 snack/ 45 lunch/ 30 snack/ 60 dinner/ 15 before bed. If you have any suggestions on this please let me know

Thank you.... I am actually scheduled to go to a diabetes class next month. I'm very excited and anxious to go. I feel like I know nothing. I'm also hoping that by the doctors increasing my metformin that I won't have to go on clomid. I will have a fructose test done the end of next month to see how the new increase in my medicine is doing. I'll keep everyone posted and Thank you. Also is that a book?? I can't find anything

Thank you... I've tried the original Atkins and it gave me the WORST headaches !!!!!! I couldn't do it for more than 3 days. I literally felt horrible. If I stated I had type 1 I'm so sorry I'm T2. I just feel lost. I'm going to an actual 3 days class next month and I'm hoping that will prove to be helpful.