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i just found out i have type 2 the 21stof dec and ended up in the hospital on the 22nd with DKA and scared to death but to sick to really care if that makes any since. with i went to the doctor that day my BG was well over 500 I take novolog…

First of all- nice car :slight_smile: secondly, you’re in the right place! Ithere are many amazing people here at TU who will help you as much as you will ask for it! Iive had type 1 for over 20 years - all that to say I am more than happy to give you tips to avoid ditches and take control!

welcome to the site. sorry about the diagnosis. please feel free to ask any questions or vent!

Hi Paul. Great ride! What's under the hood?

I was dx'd just over a year ago. Type 1. I'm sure you are at least a little overwhelmed, as most of us are when we get the news. This is a great place to earn about D and how to deal with all aspects of it. There really is no place like this for support and information Spend as much time as you can reading posts and asking questions. Whether you realize it yet or not, you have just become the lead for your health care team. The more you understand what is happening with your body, the better you can manage your D. This knowledge will also eliminate a tremendous amount of stress.

Another very good resource is "Bloodsugar101". Check it out right a way. I found a ton of answers to my initial questions there. It explains how your BG works and how best to trak it and what it means. Very easy to follow, very helpful.