New to Group - Type 2

Hi all,
I am new to the group and found YOU because I was trying to get some info about my high sugar levels according to my meter. Average is 476 for the last twelve days. This mornings reading 2 hrs after brkfst was 576. And yes…I do know this is way out of control and I am planning on seeing an endo referred to me by a coworker as soon as I get back to work (tomorrow). My objective for joining this group was to get info and support in getting this under control…and soon!
We have just moved down to the Triad area in NC and I have no doctor here as yet and things have been WAAAAY stressful with the move, buying and selling houses, job stuff…yak yak yak. I attribute the high scores partially to this. Could that be a factor? Also I have been seeing alot of talk here about different meds and insulin. I have been on Janumet for 2 years now and seem to be worse than better and have seen no mention of that here at all. The other thing that surprised me here is that people have been distressed when their numbers go 140-170…for me those scores would be wonderful…all of this discussioin on this site has made me realize that I live in a fantasy land better get my act in line. Thank you for being there and turning on the lightbulb in my head!

Welcome, Kathy! I don’t mean to alarm you, but 576 mg/dl is very high. I would suggest you get to an ER as soon as possible. Have you tested for ketones? With a BG that high, you’re very likely dehydrated and need fluids. Please don’t think that it’s not a big deal - this is very serious.

Clearly, the oral meds you’re taking aren’t working, and I suspect that you might actually be a T1 LADA diabetic. When you see your new endo, ask for full antibody and c-peptide testing.

Until then, you need insulin. Please go to your nearest ER ASAP.

Hi Kathy, welcome to the group, and glad you found your way. Stress can definitely affect your blood sugars, you are right on that one, but it looks to me that you’ve got more going on because right now your blood sugars are in serious high ranges (which is anything over 350), that may result in very serious problems which can come up at any time, including what is called DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). This is a condition experienced by diabetics with type 1, but that is usually because type 1s are more likely than type 2 diabetics to experience these high levels. Of course I’m not saying you’re not type 2, but the reality is your blood sugars are dangerously high. It is important to get yourself to the emergency at a local hospital, and please do not wait until after the weekend. You can still make an appointment later to see the endo you mentioned, but in the meantime, you need to get your blood sugars in a relatively normal range.

To echo what Shannon, Arielle & Jamie said, yours are dangerously high numbers that need immediate care. Regardless of the cause, high BG causes damage & isn’t something to put off taking care of. Please go to the ER.

Please keep us posted.

Thanks to all of you who have replied. Since my numbers have been high for awhile now (longer than a month) I am going to wait till I see the new doctor. Hopefully they will take me in quickly when I tell them the numbers. I will keep everyone posted as to the progress. I appreciate the support. The reason I am not panicking is because when I was diagnosed 2 years ago my AC1 was 10 and my tested level when I got to the Doctors office was 424 and they did not seem concerned so I figure I have some leeway. In the meantime I have been drinking tons of water and plain tea to flush out the system, Dinner will be a protein affair with complex carbs (veggies).
One thing I am having a hard time getting used to is taking care of myself…comes from being a Mom and the first in the birth order. With the support from this group, I hope to turn that around.

I do agree with the posters in here, and I would definitely go to the ER… Also, knowledge is power, and scouting some good sites on the web to learn more about Diabetes is a plus. One particular helpful site is Blood Sugar 101, which has a variety of info, including suggestions on how to get your numbers down.

Kathy, as a nurse I would highly recommend that you go to the ER. A 576 is a reason to be very concerned.

Thanks for the link to this site - very informative…amazing how much info is out there that your doctor never relays.

Welcome Kathy! I agree strongly with the others that responded. The 576 mg/dl is very high! This is already a medical emergency. Left unattended for long period of time may lead to serious problems and complications. Until you get all tests done to confirm your diagnosis…you need insulin to normalize bg levels. Please seek medical help asap.

Terrible that your doctor was unconcerned 424 BG. Being consistently over 140 causes damage.

DKA is not something you want to experience.

Kudos for eating better & drinking lots of water.

If oral meds don’t get your BG within a more normal range, speak with your new endo about insulin. Many Type 2s take insulin & it preserves your beta cells. Agree with Shannon about getting C-peptide & GAD antibody tests done. Far too many people don’t get the correct diagnosis. We have to be assertive with doctors to receive appropriate care & treatment.

Know it’s not easy when you’re used to being the caretaker for others, but you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t care of yourself first. You’re worth it!

Hi Kathy…i totally agree with everyone who has posted…plz seek help…asap…take care

Good morning everyone,
It is 5:30 and I am on my way to work in a couple of minutes so I thought I would give an update on the situation. THe first thing I have to say is…I am really glad I found this site. It is life-changing and I thank everyone who replied to me and gave me advice and info.
I did go back to work and DID try to get to see the endo…What was I thinking!!! It took two days and many calls to my former primary in PA, my potential new primary here in NC and the new endo…2 days worth of calls and pushing and prodding and being a general PIA. But I got results (sorta). I finally got an appointment with the endo’s PA for the 11th which was the earliest possible. I then took my reluctant butt over to the closest Urgent Care at 2:30 PM yesterday since the reading after lunch was 578 and I was actually experiencing confusion and disorientation. Well needless to say, I narrowly escaped being sent to the hospital to spend the night. At the UC they could not even read my numbers so they gave me 100 units of insulin,then 10 more…then 10 more…etc. Finally I got down to 324 and they let me go home. This was 7:30 pm. They hooked me up with slow acting insulin…instructed me on its usage (you can’t even feel the needle) and sent me on my way with a promise to be back in at 8 this morning. They will check my fasting levels. I hope those numbers go down because when I tested a half hour ago they were 378. The upshot of all this is that I am on my way to better health and I really do feel better. No longer dazed and confused…so thanks to “you” for spurring me on. I will keep you posted.

So glad you went. So many times the ER can even get you into a specialist a lot faster than trying on your own. (Maybe I should’ve mentioned that before.) Diet really helps to control things, and if you’ve never tried it before, you may want to consider a Diabetes Educator, or simply cutting down on the carbs (big time), for a while, until your numbers become more manageable. The insulin will certainly help you control things, and it really does sound like you’ve been needing it for a while. It’s hard to be taken seriously sometimes, at the doctor’s office, as they tend to play the blame game on the patient a lot and consider that they’re just not doing their part, instead of considering that maybe they are misdiagnosed as a different type of Diabetes, or that they need more effective care. A big part of this, like you will read from may, is advocating for yourself. That’s why reading so much on the subject is so important. I am definitely glad, though, that they are working hard to lower your glucose levels, and have you on insulin… and that you have an upcoming appointment. Keep us posted on your progress. :slight_smile: We’re rooting for ya.

So glad you are doing a little better:) and are hooked up w/ some immediate help. Welcome to our community…I am sure you will learn a lot and make a lot of new friends. Just being connected w/ others going through similar things…has greatly helped my diabetes control. It is a pleasant reminder to care for your needs:) On the topic of your diabetes…I would also suggest full testing to be certain what type of diabetes you have. Sounds like you may be LADA. May wish to call the local teaching hospital and ask who they suggest for endocrinologists. Sometimes it takes some shopping around to find a good fit. Take care and keep us posted on your progress over the next week. Glad you have joined us:)

Hey Kathy
I hope you are feeling better to day and on your way to getting those bad boys back to control levels, getting back control is not something that can be done overnight but with steady progress am sure you will have them wrangled and back in line, good luck and please keep us updated of your progress.

I’m glad you got some help. With numbers that high you should be on insulin until you can keep numbers near normal. As a diabetic I have found I have to be my own advocate no matter what my doctor says. I am concerned with any number over 130. Here is a good link to a website that will tell you everything you need to know about where your numbers should be and the options to get there. It is called BLOOD SUGAR 101 I have had to restrict my carbs and eliminate foods like bread, potatoes, rice, cereal, pasta, and most grain products. It along with metformin keeps my numers in the low 100’s.

Hi Kathy,

Glad you got an appointment & happy you went for help! Sometimes we have to be a PIA to get what we need.

Once your BG is in a more normal range, you’ll feel the difference & you’ll feel much better. Don’t know how you were able to function with such elevated BG. I get pounding headaches & am wiped out with high BG, along with thirst & irritability.

As your BG starts coming down to healthier levels, you’ll feel hypo symptoms as your body adjusts. Hang in there because this doesn’t last long.

Good advice from Lizmari about significantly cutting the carbs.

hope you feel better. I am with everyone here. Numbers that high are scary. I hit into the 200’s as a type 2 and I start panicking and pop double pills and drink lots of water and then start running like no one’s business. I have even left work when I am at 200 to get a run in to try to bring down the numbers. Take care of yourself and welcome