New to Tu Diabetes? Here are some things you can do

Manny, You have done a geat job with this site… I am just getting used to navigating around here. If you have any tips and trick, please forward them!!

Bob Rowell
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Just as a reference for first-time members, I thought I’d post in here to let you know of this detailed reference post that can show you some of the things you can do while in TuDiabetes.

Welcome to all new and recent members!!

Hi Manny,

I have read this for the first time and it seems that the link to “Terms of use” is broken.

To make the steps more complete I would recommend to add that there is a forum called “Introduction” where new members can introduce themselves.

You and your team are doing a great job and I want to thank you.


Hello from Kahoka Mo
I help people train there own Diabets Alert Service Dogs