How to make the most of TuDiabetes

We may have met online or offline. Or maybe we haven’t… Either way, I am happy that you are reading this and that you are a member of the growing TuDiabetes family.

Since the community was formed back in early 2007, lots of things have changed. Also since then, lots of new members have joined: we’re now nearly 11,300 members. So, new members and new features means it never hurts to refresh how things work around the community.

If you haven’t read it, I invite you to take a few minutes to go through our New Member Guide. If you have been a member for a while but have let a little dust accumulate on your TuDiabetes account, you will find it very useful. If you joined just recently, you will find it EVEN MORE handy.

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BLESSED BE this community.

Wonder if anyone else was hospitalized due to malfunctioning Quick Sets from Medtronic? I didn’t the recall letter until AFTER my hospitalization. The Medtronic rep said they CYA by doing the recall. So what am I supposed to do with a HUGE hospital bill? Just asking if there’s any action going on.

I cannot imagine my diabetes life without Tudiabetes. I know it would be kind of ugly…

I am so grateful for this community and for everyone who takes the time to answer to some of the questions. For us who are new at this it is priceless.

This site is a family to me, and quite the same for a whole lot of others who can agree to that. Manny, this site is from the mind of a genious. I’m more involve now from when I started here over two years ago. Love you’ll, my family.

A big thank you to you, Manny, and to all who make this community what it is. There has been nothing but open arms from my first moments here. “Blessed be this community” indeed.

I am not new to this website, but have not been using the site correctly or enough! I am back in the swing of things, and have to say thank you to everyone that supports this site. What a wonderful community to belong to! I know if I have questions or problems, I will get answers and support I need right here. God Bless each and everyone of you! xo, Annette

I’ve summarized the Medtronic Lot-8 recall issues on this post:

I would LOVE to know which lawyer to contact regarding the Lot 8 recall as I was in the hospital July 15-18 because of extremely high sugars.

Thanks Manny…sorry for not being here much…just got alot going on…Lord willing I’ll be back on soon.
God Bless,