New to Type 1 Diabetes

Hey! I’m 19 and I have been diagnosed with type 1 for a little under two months, and I was wondering, how do you deal with it? Did everyone have trouble with the needles at first? Any advice would really help!

Hey Christine! I was diagnosed when I was 9. I’m 17 now.
I think everyone has problems with the needles at first. I still wish I could simply skip a prick or pump site change but I know I cant so I just do it.
As far as dealing with it…it seems to be easier for some people and harder for others. Its hard for me. Quite honestly, I still hate dealing with it. I guess I learned to adjust to it and move on.
Learning to cope with diabetes has made me way stronger than most of my friends, so that’s always a plus I suppose.

hey! diagnosed a bit before my 11th, now 18. it took some getting used to; diet changes for me were probably the toughest, next to insulin-carbo ratios even outside of meals. This, you would automatically sooner or later get the hang of. i learnt it myself. like how much you would take for a can of coke, for example. but that really takes some time before you could master it

I slowly learnt how to associate sports with it later on, its not really all that tough. only a few years back it was tricky to tackle during social situations. you can choose to be an obvious diabeticwhich can be cool too, or to handle it sleekly so long as u know how to balance everything out

I have been diabetic for about 9 months. I was diagnosed at 17 now 18. The two biggest things were food, at the start i always felt hungry, almost except for when i needed to eat because i was full from bring my BS back up. That went away after about 2 weeks. The second thing was the needles. I still have trouble with them sometimes. What helps is that i have an AMAZING mom and some friends who can give me shots when i cant handle it. Some days will be good and some wont. The important part is to pick yourself back up after the bad. Find good friend who are willing to help. There was another one on here about “diabetes songs” songs that you listen to that in some way you relate to diabetes. Some have songs they listen to when they’re high or low or when they are just in a diabetes mood. Mine is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. Staying connected to other diabetics helps. Sometimes it will feel like no one near you will understand what your going through. So knowing some one who’s been there and done that helps.
I remember those early months. Sometimes it will feel like you will never get used to it. Every number brings questions as to what you did right and what went wrong. It gets better. it will never be the same as before or as carefree but it will get better with practice and experience.
Good luck

Hey! I was diagnosed a month before my 13th birthday! And I’m still 13!! Just wondering if you have a pen or syringe. I started out with the pen now on the omnipod, but I have heard that the syringe has a bigger needle. If you are on the pen there is smaller needles you can order. You will get use to it though. Funny Story… When I was in the hospital they told my mom that she was giving my injection when she went to give my the shot I asked the nurse why she had to do it and why I couldn’t. My mom wasn’t surprised I said that! Hopefully you can get a pump because that requires less shots.