New to weight loss

Hi all!

I just started meeting with a personal trainer once a week and I am 30 lbs overweight! She is knowledgeable in exercise and health but doesn’t know very much about type 1 diabetes so I am seeking advice from other type 1’s about what to eat for weight loss.

What are your meal plans like? I really need advice on what to eat and how many carbs you are eating etc.

Also, do you think working out four days a week will give me results? Two days of strength training and two days of cardio.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My advice is morning workouts when insulin has worn off. Be different if you had a pump though. Just workout when insulin is low. Keep insulin injections low. Not high sugars bc drives hunger.

Carbs about 40 fat 40 protein 20 percent daily and keep under 1200 cal

Wish I could do what I know is right. If I did, then I would lose quick on this.