Weight Loss

Anybody have any ideas for losing weight. I am 54 years old, had diabetes for 40 years and I have been on the pump for about two years. I can’t seem to loose a pound. I lead a fairly active lifestyle and it seems I am eating less and less. Along with everything else that sucks about being diabetic this is really starting to get to me. Thanks for the help.

Oh, I know the feeling. Dumb question but has thyroid been checked? I always try to get my insulin intake to the lowest possible also. changing the activity and the intensity also shakes things up. If you usually walk 30 mins a day try running for half the time, do some elliptical too. I really like the southbeach diet too or sugarbusters, they are both fairly simple plans to follow and not too drastic. I always cut my bolus’s down when I do them which really helps with weight loss. Drink lots of water!

If you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning off, you’ll gain weight. Depends what you’re eating, too. Not much fun, but try writing down everything you eat. Sometimes we think we’re eating less than we really are. Have you tried eating less carbs? Carbs pack on the pounds & make you feel hungry.

We are starting a new “weight management” program at my work called NutriSum. Haven’t started it yet but they say you should consider the following rules: eat breakfast within two hours of waking up, drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat at least three serving of fruits/veggies and three servings of whole grains, and the big one - exercise for an hour straight once a day. Which they admit is a hard one to do - their sugguestion is to start out small and keep adding time to it every day. The idea is to do these things until they become natural to you and then keep doing them but add a few more goals like cutting out sugar or caffeine. The motto is to start building different habits but don’t stop if you miss day - just start fresh the next day. I’m really bad at working out - I start all full force, miss a day and then say, ‘okay I’ll start it over on Monday’ when really I should just start over the next day.

As someone else noted earlier, get your thyroid checked, that could be hindering your ability to lose weight, especially as a Diabetic.

What works for me is something along these lines:
Eat 5 small meals a day, figure out how many calories you will need/want to eat that day to fit into your diet, and then break that number down by 5. Try and keep them relatively balanced, ie don’t have one thats 100% protein, the next 100% carbs, etc.

Other than that, exercising daily(1hr + for me), especially doing varied exercises(HIT: high intensity; aka: sprinting, then jogging, then sprinting, etc)