New TSA screening procedures and diabetes: your thoughts

As I read this story, I was wondering what do insulin pump users on TuDiabetes think about this episode and what has been their personal experience traveling with their pump since the newly instated TSA screening procedures:

TSA to Traveler: Next Time, Leave Your Insulin Pump at Home?
As we hear from more outraged air travelers about the humiliating procedures they're being forced to endure to pass through airport security checkpoints, comes this doozy out of Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport.

A woman called the South Florida's First News Show on radio station 610am WIOD, this morning (Wed. 11-17-10), horrified about what her daughter had been put through.The call was with the woman, named Jackie, speaking with 610am WIOD host Jimmy Cefalo & Manny Munoz.

"She is an insuline depended diabetic who has an isuline pump. She travels regularly in the airport. Today, about 25 minutes ago, she was..the alarm went off she told them she had an insuline pump, they physically groped her, went down her pants, her thighs, and advised her not to wear the insuline pump any more going through security. They advised her to take it off in the future if she didn't want to be groped. She was so upset she called me after she got through security hysterically crying"


You’re right. Sniffer dogs would be more effective against bombs too. They can smell residue, and most likely even detect explosives hidden internally since some dogs have already successfully been trained to sense cancer by scent. Israel has much safer airports without these issues. We could learn from them. But I honestly don’t think it’s about security as much as it is about people making money off the $250,000 scanners (like Soros and Chertoff) and psychological manipulation to encourage submission in the name of security.

Was your mom traveling with you? or just seeing you off?

Does the back of the ticket override my Constitutional right to not be searched without cause? Does it say I have agreed to be seen naked or sexually molested by buying the ticket?

Actually it is once you pass those signs that state “All bags and persons subject to search” that you are waiving your right. They have them in front of most Government offices, be it a court house, airport, IRS. I don’t like the rules that have been put in place since 911 but people cried to much after it and demanded this. Think we had more planes hijacked in th 70s early 80s and they didn’t go to this level. I have had the pat down and well annoying it really is no different then a pat down by a cop and TSA agents are considered LEOs, actually I have had cops do far worse to me… But remember when you see those subject to search signs you are giving up your right. Flying is not a right

Searching is one thing. The stories I’ve been hearing go beyond that. And there still ought to be cause.

Another trip this week and the first body scan at MSP, went very well, I set the metal detector off, was scanned, was asked to rub my hands over the OmniPod and that was checked for explosive residue and told to be on my way, easiest search in years…on the way back from DC the old terminal had no scanner, I tested the system by having a large bottle of OJ in my briefcase, knew it would be detected in the X-ray machine, I set off the metal detector and was given the extreme rubdown but when I told the TSA agent I was diabetic, he didn’t look in the bag and after the rubdown was finished…of course he was an older man and clearly had decided I wasn’t a risk, it easily could have gone the other way. All in all, a waste of time and money for us all, again, if those funds for the 65000 TSA employees was spent on medical research, we’d all be cured next week. We are no safer than we were on Sept 10, 2001, just poorer and wasting more time.

I know flying is really the only realistic option for many travelers for various reasons - geography and time constraints primarily. At this point, I think I could swing the drive to CA in April, but I don’t have much else scheduled that far in advance, and if that changes, I might have less flexibility with my time. My hope is that Congress, the justice system, or cripes, even some common sense from within TSA, will intervene and change these policies soon. Even if I do the long drive in the spring, I have another tentative trip to San Diego in the fall, and I know I’d have to fly for that because I won;t have time to make that drive, so it’s not like I can abandon flying indefinitely.

I wrote my senators on Friday, expressing my opposition to the invasive procedures, and I certainly hope others will do the same if they’re also opposed. Right now, it seems like our only hope to get it changed.

I believe the policy is that children 12 and under get a “modified” version of the “enhanced” pat down, which is supposedly less invasive. If I had adolescent kids though, I can’t imagine handing them off to some TSA agent to get that pat down. Last night I saw a video of a child, who was maybe 8-10 years old, getting his shirt taken off during his inspection.

Yes, they have said they would have a modified pat down, but they failed to define what that means.

Bottom line is that I’ve decided not to fly until TSA and the airlines stop playing games. Groping people or staring at their bodies on a scanner is not o.k. And pretending to charge an amount for an airline ticket and then adding on charges for everything from, carry on bags to extra leg room is not o.k. People brought the buses to a standstill back in the 1960s for discrimination and people could cripple the airlines if they wanted to. O.k., I’m done now.

I will stay tuned here with Manny’s discussion : we are travelling from Kelowna, via Vancouver, BC to Maui end Jan . 2011 …we are NOT willing to give up these tickets , which I won ; neither are we willing to give up experiencing warm weather , during our winter months.
I printed off pages 1, 4 and 5 of TSA’s website for Hidden Disabilities/ special needs .
I read in our Vancouver Sun paper about the breast prothesis incidence . I must admit, it is easier for me to travel without my breast prothesis , than leave my insulin pump at home .
I flew to Alberta , Canada last month and did not experience anything like this .
Have we gone berserk ??

I wrote to my Senators. I’ve been following the TSA stories for a few weeks now, and I’m beyond fed-up. We need to write to all our Senators if we wish for this to change.

It’s not the airlines. They are following guidelines set by the DHS and FDA. The post 911 regulations have cost the airlines billions. Every major carrier has had to go into bankruptcy. The cut backs to try to make money again and yes thats what all the charges are about. I have seen the local hub I work at go from a boom town to a ghost town. Over 2000 jobs lost in 2 years. I was lucky when they let me go DHL had just come back

A couple of comments from me. I usually don’t tell them I’m diabetic and that also includes not telling them about the pump. That was when I flew with my Cozmore pump and the metal detector never went off. With the Animas Ping it went off every time I went through and I had to be searched and they had to put something on the pump to make sure it didn’t have explosives in it.

I have not been through yet with my Omnipod but look forward to it to find out how the detector works with that.

The funniest one was one time when I had the Cozmore. I had a Diet Coke in my carry-on backpack that I had forgotten was there. All the bells and whistles went off, so it and me had to be searched. I told the TSA guy that I was a diabetic as i pointed out the pump. He said, “Oh, well then you can take the diet coke on board with you for your health.” Now go figure that one out, if it was a regular coke maybe; however, I said well I guess I can leave with that understanding but he said no, once they start a search they have to finish.

In closing, I have no problem with the added hassle if it keeps one terrorist freak from blowing up, capturing or whatever another plane. Search away, but I would have to take a train if they informed me that they had to do the body-cavity search.

Not all airlines have such intrusive procedures in place. Maybe you’ll luck out. If I were you, I would take those pages with me to the airport just in case they need a reminder of how they are supposed to conduct themselves and the security procedures.

Yes, it’s the government interfering between airlines and consumers that is the problem.

Good ones I have seen
Flight Deck Officer, aka Pilot with gun asking a TSA guy “I can bring a gun through here but I can’t bring my Mountain Dew”

Had a airport cop pull me for random on way into work right after the liquid bad. Found a Tupperware full of stew in my bad. “Can’t bring liquids in sorry” Me “I eat it with a fork” Him “Sorry, If it was frozen I could let it through”

The best one flying out with my SIDA badge on, carry on bag gets pulled for random. They search and swab. Swab finds something they start emptying my bag. They pull out a bar of soap “whats this” me “Bar of soap that I made”, More swabbing and half an hour latter, after I had told them to just throw it away or get some water to test if it was really soap I was free to go. Still haven’t figured out I know the lye in soap can cause a false positive on drug test but never heard of it testing positive for explosives.

Of course at work the workers are required to act as security and well TSA like to test us. Me “Sir need to see your badge this is a restricted area” Him flashing badge real quick and tucks it back in shirt “Sir badges are required to be displayed on you outer most layer above the waste” He pulls it out wears it for ten seconds walking away, then proceeds to try to sneak up on another rampy to test him. Me “Sir you are required to wear your ID, If you do not properly display it I will have you escorted from the ramp by the police”. The guy sighs walks over to me tells me to cool it he is doing his job. “Well so am I” I tell him. I then proceed to gt on my radio and make a broadcast about TSA being sneaky and describe the guy and give his name and tactics. Needless to say a manager had a “I have to say this to you talk” while laughing the whole time.

A friend of mine pointed out that TSA agents only need a diploma or GED or they can be drop-outs with 1 year of related experience- like sitting at a security desk. These are the people we are supposed to trust to identify bombs in our airports. It’s laughable. Or not. And apparently a lot of these guys get cocky, thinking they are special now. Some seem to think this is their chance to lord it over others they would otherwise be expected to be respectful towards or embarrass those who are usually respected or hold authority in society. It’s like finally the bully has a chance to pick on an old grandma or grope a model without being slapped or arrested. It’s pathetic. That TSA badge doesn’t change who they are.

You know the villain in cartoons always has a minion/peon or two that do his dirty work. The idiots always think they are something special and powerful… until they do something to make the big boss look bad or do something stupid to mess up the grand scheme they aren’t even aware of and they get swatted over the head.

Thanks sophia …yes, I have put them in our travel to Maui file .