TSA IS Targeting Those With Prostheses and Medical Devices

Thank you, ABC News. ABC World News Tonight (still time to watch it on TV if you are in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones), announced that the reason why so many insulin pumpers, prosthesis wearers, cane/crutch/walker users, wheelchair assisted individuals, etc are being foced to undergo secondary screening is because intelligence services have heard conversations between terrorists on how to use prostheses and medical devices to conceal explosives. Women are also being targeted for additional screening because of two flights that went down in Russia in 2004, which apparently were brought down by female bombers.

I do not agree with the policy, but at least now there is an admission that it is not just this small group of people being hypersensitive. It is happening and there is (supposedly) a reason.

This is really making me rethink getting a pump. I do not want to undergo a patdown in which someone sticks his hands down my underwear just because I choose to pump insulin.

They should target all humans, 100 percent of terrorists have been human.
They should target all religious people. 100 percent of the terrorists have been religious. Looks like this TSA person is doing her job.

The security measures are done to keep people safe on planes. Ive been patted down several times and it was no big deal. They are not trying to have sex with you, just protect the public from terrorists. Its sad that it has to be done. Thats the world we live in. I dont think anyone here wants another 911.

I don’t think it is being used to protect the public from terrorist I think the measures are in place to protect planes from terrorists. Those planes are expensive! Of coarse if a few planes go down it could create more jobs!

TSA is one of the biggest government jokes around. The “naked scanners” have not been thoroughly tested for long term effects. The invasive searches are ridiculous. Airport security used to be well trained well paid professionals. Now it is minimum wage lackeys.

In this country, so far, the terrorists have been male. Those planes brought down in 2004 in Russia were brought down by women. Regardless of who may or may not bring down the planes, I personally think we ought to practice more reasonable screening procedures. I agree with the idea that the people who wish us harm are laughing at us. As long as they can keep us in a tizzy, wondering when the next attack is going to be, as long as we continue to gut our core beliefs, terrorists have won.

Have you been patted down since November 1, 2010? The pat downs have become more aggressive and more intimate since then. You also do not appear to be a woman, and the TSA has admitted that women are a target of more pat downs. They think that because women were apparently the bombers in the 2004 Russian airplane explosions that women will be used again. So, while males are not immune from the pat downs, as a male, you might not get quite as aggressive a pat down as your wife or your daughter would. Did you read the article located at the link I provided? If you did, you would have read the following:

An ABC News employee said she was subject to a “demeaning” search at Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday morning.

“The woman who checked me reached her hands inside my underwear and felt her way around,” she said. “It was basically worse than going to the gynecologist. It was embarrassing. It was demeaning. It was inappropriate.” [emphasis mine]

While I do believe some of the reports coming out on the internet are hyperbole, I am inclined to trust a member of the press. I also do not believe any of this actually protects us or the planes. We are sacrificing our liberties, our ideals, our beliefs as Americans in the name of fake security. I agree I would not want another 9/11 but I also would like to continue to live in a country where I have the right to read whatever I want, say what I would like, and go where I’d like without fear of the government.

I fully agree with you, Angela. It bothers me to no end the fine line between our civil liberties and excusing violating them in the name of “national security,” and even worse… people trying to make us feel guilty for wanting to protect those liberties because of the men and women dying off in a war I never approved of… saying I should “do my part.” My part should be NOT being afraid of living, and holding CIA and FBI intelligence accountable… Because the whole underwear bomber thing was THEIR fault. The man was on the no fly list, and even his OWN father called authorities to say he was a danger, and they ignored that and let him fly anyway.

Thanks, Liz. That means a lot to me. When GWB first began cutting our civil liberties after the Patriot Act (what an oxymoron) was passed, I began to see the death knell for the Bill of Rights and called for its immediate repeal. I was told I was nuts and that was the way it had to be in order to provide us with the “protection” we need. Now, years later, I think it’s sad that my predictions are coming true.

I can not say that I am surprised…

I’m female and getting an insulin pump. Might not be flying anytime soon.

I can’t believe it took ME some time to figure out the “O.M.A”.

At one time, airplane pilots were celebrated heros and flight attendants were all glamorous women. Today, they’re seen as little more than glorified bus drivers in the sky. Sad, but true. It seems to me the airline industry really has gone downhill over the past 30+ years. I’ve actually been treated better and with more dignity when riding Greyhound!

I travel almost every other week. I always ask for a private search.
As soon as you ask for private, two TSA agents have to take you to a private room and search you there.

I rode Greyhound from Vancouver , BC, Canada to my town last month …a search of my hand luggage was performed ; the area was off limit to the person , that dropped me off at the bus depot …visible changes at Greyhound are occurring !.

Yeah, while you can’t request a pat-down from an agent of the opposite sex, from what I’ve been reading around the 'net, women are far more likely to be patted down by a member of the opposite sex, if only because there are not enough female agents to screen all of the female passengers.

Not a good situation for rape/sexual assult victims, though.

True, bus drivers in the sky. Good way to put it. I remember when passengers were treated as guests. Used to fun to fly. Last flight I took the flight attendant tossed, yes tossed, danishes on the tray tables. Knew someone who years ago trained Delta flight attendants. They had rigorous training & could be grounded for anything.

Too bad US doesn’t have a rapid rail system like Europe.

I traveled in early Oct with pump and a backup. I had no problems with the screening. For the extra security and the 15 min it took, It isn’t really isn’t a big deal they are just doing their job and making sure your flight is safe.

They never did ask for me to take it off but if they did its not a big deal, just suspend it.

If you don’t want a pump because you don’t want a patdown then your loss. I love my pump and I actually enjoyed the patdown LOL

That almost didn’t happen for the 60 year old former special education teacher and bladder cancer survivor who flew to a wedding soaked in his own urine. He asked specifically for a private search and was told there weren’t enough rooms. As MSNBC reports: Due to his medical condition, Sawyer asked to be screened in private. “One officer looked at another, rolled his eyes and said that they really didn’t have any place to take me,” said Sawyer. “After I said again that I’d like privacy, they took me to an office.”

What benefit is there to having not one but two TSA agents putting their hands down your underwear without witnesses? If they do go overboard and you are left humiliated, like this guy was, there is no evidence, there are no witnesses other than the other agent. I wouldn’t trust the other agent to stand by me and be my advocate. I sincerely doubt one agent would be willing to testify against someone else he or she has to work with every day for someone they are unlikely to see again.


I read this after I posted about Greyhound …I ask you again …have we gone beserk ??..this is dated 2006