New TSA Security Procedures, effective Oct. 29

I’d rather see that than a plane flying into a building. But I’m sure their are other options as well.

How long does it take for them to test swabs? Do you have to wait a while?

I wonder what happens if one of the employees is wearing a pump or cgm?

They have to aggressively pat themselves down;)

actually, each other!

I don’t know about the pat downs but they do have to walk thru the machines. They were talking on CNN just the other day about the pilots complaining about having to do that so much and they were worried about the radioactivity. They said we can trust them to fly an airplane but they still have to go thru all the security checks getting onto one.

It’s reached the point of absurdity & we’re sheep waiting for the next affront. We’re brainwashed in the either/or fallacy.

For you gals, I was told by a TSA agent that if I clip my pump to my bra it won’t set off the detectors. I’ve done this for the past 3 years and have yet to set off the metal detector. I have however had to go through the swabbing routine due to my insulin supplies in my carry on.
My next flight will be with my baby so I’m sure I’ll get the through treatment then.

Yes, it is crazy.

Unfortunately that is not always the case. I don’t know what pump you have but I have the animus ping, it always sets off the metal detectors and I almost always wear it clipped to my bra. I have stopped doing that when I’m at the airport as they usually want to see it after it sets off the machine to swab it.

Wow - I find this amazing. I just read you don’t even have to take your macbook-Air out of the bag for TSA. It is ok to go on without ANY inspection. Article link here ->…

Whaaaat? But they consider the insulin pump a possible threat? That makes no sense. You could hide a lot of chemicals and metals in a Macbook.

Do you leave the clip on when you go through the security checkpoint? For me, the pump never sets off the detectors unless I forget to put the metal clip in my bag.

I fly almost weekly and had actually delayed getting a pump because of TSA. After getting a knee replacement this summer, I am subjected to pat down at every airport still using metal detectors so I finally decided to pump (in fact my Ping arrived this week). The full body scanners have been easier – often I don’t even get wanded or patted down because they can see the knee in the scan, I’m wondering If airports with the full body scanners will also do the pat down or if they will just check out the pump.

I have a hip replacement and now the OmniPod and the TSA “pros” need to see it so now that cold weather has set in I expect the private showing. I always set off the detector and my last trip three weeks ago, the TSA “pro” swabbed my OmniPod (on the back of my arm) I’m not at all convinced we are safer because of the TSA explosion. While we wait and pay for the delays, the planes are loaded and serviced often by a variety of skilled and not so skilled folks from around the world. I travel this week so I’ll be expecting additional delays. I would easily quit flying and let the industry go belly-up, it is part of the keep us afraid strategy. If we were serious as a society about minimizing risks to our people, all the resources wasted on TSA would have cured diabetes a few years ago. Can you sense my disgust with the whole thing? I’ll report back in a week…

It will be interesting this week at TSA after what happened on Friday. I expect even tighter security-- perhaps that means an even more zealous pat down. UGH!

I had a wand, the swabbing of hands and pump, and an aggressive pat down in Dulles in June and it was lengthy but not that bad. Only thing I didn’t like is they searched my carry on bag and threw away my mousse and toothpaste as they said it was too large. They also made a disaster of my bag which I had to re-pack. However, I’d rather them be super safe so I won’t complain. Just allow extra time as it does take some.

Fine. But if they are going to grab the goods, I want dinner and a movie first.

Gotta be careful about bombs hidden in toothpaste–lol.


Funny. :slight_smile:

LOL. That’s right nothing is for free.