New website for people with Diabetes and Eating Disorders

Hello there. My name is jacq and I have set up a new website for people suffering from Diabetes and eating disorders. There is no community out there for people like me and i think that its really important that this illness is properly recognised and eventually I would like to campaign for better treatment and awareness.If you could help me in anyway by perhaps posting on your site I would be eternally greatful. Please feel free to contact me and visist the website

Good luck with your new website.
Its very much needed.
Recently on another forum, I read a plea for help/support from the mother of a girl with diabetes and an eating disorder. The problem is known about, apears on several news items but thats it. I searched and searched for but could find nowhere to suggest she or her daughter went for help or support.

Yeah that is exactly what I found and on those days where I was suffering with severe DKA I can’t help but think If I had other diabetics supporting me maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in A & E with kidney failure

Also If you still have her details I would be more than happy to chat to her