Newbie saying Hello

Hello everyone, and thank you all for your welcome. I've got another blog on the go, So I may not put up a lot here. You all are welcome to visit the other blog, but be warned, I'm doing my best to be blunt and honest about my feelings and attitude, and sometimes it's not nice, and sometimes I'm just bitching in the heat of the moment.

I'm curious here... are there any of you folk who lift weights or engage in other power-based sport?

After reading your blog, all I can say is this: some people wait too long to take care of their health.

That said, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3. I'm 41 now. I used to lift weights in my teen years, but stopped. I'm still in excellent health, but if if I'd kept up with the weights I'd be better off yet. I've replaced the weights with beer and cigarss (LOL), but I see your point. No one deserves what they get, but they must manage it the best they can.

When I see someone sick, with diabetes, I try to not be judgemental. They may be obese and standing there eating a twinkie, but nobody deserves diabetes and we don't know that their lifestyle had anything to do with their condition. I do feel sad for him in this situation, but because he is being mistreated. I blame doctors who probably never bothered to tell him that he could manage his condition much better with a low carb diet and exercise, and instead they give him a huge pile of expensive medications that mostly treat "symptoms."

ps. I lift weights, like barbell squats. There are groups here on T1Powerlifting and Athletic Diabetics that you may find interesting. Heck, we even have a bona fide celebrity, Ginger Vieira who is a champion T1 powerlifter.

@Brian: Oh good heavens, I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought the guy "deserved" diabetes or any other medical problems! I may not know if his lifestyle had anything to do with his health, but he's taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and he sports a big beer gut. Hard not to think that maybe, just maybe, he's not as involved with his health as might be advisable. Even if someone's MD is the sort of disinterested ■■■ who's not going to give basic advice on health, that person would still have to be living in some kind of a media blackout to not have heard that there is a correlation between a lousy lifestyle and certain medical issues. I admit I get judgmental at times. That was one of them.

@Chris: I think you've expressed it well; some people wait too long... I really hope that guy I saw stops waiting and becomes involved in his own health.

I didn't mean to accuse anynoe of being callous. I was just pointing out that sometimes we have to stop and think about situations at times. People do make poor choices. I have made poor choices. But sometimes these things happen not by choice.

@Brian: No worries. I think that the point I wanted to get out was that I couldn't help but feel that the person in question could have been putting more effort into his lot, regardless of etiology. I appreciate your candid response, and it's inspiring me to do some more self-examination. :)