Balance between life and living

I went to get a checkup the other day and as usual everyone in the doctors office gave me their advice on how to live as a diabetic.

“Don’t be in contact with people who are sick, you’re more likely to get a bacterial infection”
“When you go to the beach, make sure you always wear your sandals”
“Watch your blood sugar during the holidays”
“Airplane travel is when people pass their colds to others”
“Don’t touch your eyes”

So a couple of nights ago, I was looking for something to do at 11pm. I went to my friend Terri’s house to bounce on her trampoline. I took my shoes off and started bouncing. After working up a sweat, I look my shirt off.

“Careful of mosquito bites, they carry encephalitis”

As I got more comfortable on the trampoline, I started thinking about 2007.

In 2007 I turned 35, I had a heart attack, 3 stents and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. All in all, I had a pretty terrible year. My blood sugar was probably on the low side, I am barefoot, wearing a pair of shorts, encephalitis mosquitoes attacking me, and there’s about 5 foot of air between me and the trampoline. But I’m happy. I feel normal.

So I made my New Years Resolution. There is only one and it will be the same one I make every year.

Quit dying and start living.

It’s a balance between life and living. My life depends on insulin injection, testing, proper diet, exercise and an assortment of pills. But living is all about bouncing on trampolines at midnight.

If you have stories about living and photos to share, please post them. It would be an inspiration to me and I’m sure to others as well. I’m tired of all the warnings about what diabetics cannot do. This year I plan to sky dive, learn to scuba, go surfing and travel.

Happy 2008 and don’t forget to live!

I know the feeling. I get so tired of people telling me this or that. People think diabetics can’t do this, I get people all the time telling me I shouldn’t be working out because I am diabetic and have heart problems. Well my doctor has no problem with it, so why should you? Or telling me you can’t eat that you are diabetic, well my sugar is low so yes I can eat this. Or the people who have no clue about diabetes and tell you that if your diet was better your blood sugar wouldn’t go low or high, well insulin is a hormone and hormones are unpredictable, you can do everything perfect and still have a high or low blood sugar. Just feel like telling them to shut the h*ll up which I have done.

Chuck, I agree with you. It’s time to live this year. I’m tired of not feeling good, not having energy etc!
This year I’m trying something a bit different.
I’m “skipping this or adding that” I’ve placed my note about this today in the Weight Loss Team if you like to join us:)
I’ll be changing up my skips and adds to get a healthier lifestyle and a better way to enjoy eating healthy foods. I’m checking to myself by asking “Am I Hungry?” Or is in a need for a drink of water? Maybe I just need to get up and stretch! Go for a walk or ride my exercise bike on a rainy day.
By Christmas this year … I’d like to be wearing a loose fitting size 12 or a just right size 10 pair of jeans!

Being diagnosed with type 2 has not slowed me down or prevented me from fishing, hunting , gardening, or working. It does tend to get in the way when I am doing things that require little physical exertion, like shopping or negotiating to buy a car. In October I was negotiating the price of a car with a salesperson when my blood sugar dropped and my right hand started shaking. It got so bad I had to excuse myself and return after eating lunch. During December I was finishing up my Christmas shopping when I went low. I stated sweating, with my hands trembling, and I had to take a break for a quick snack. I find these type of interuptions an intrusion into my life.

I totally agree it’s time to start living. I have been waiting 4 my life 2 start 4 a long time. I’m ready to begin.

Happy New Year Chuck!!1
Sooooo glad to hear you’re doing well. I love the concept that life is also about bouncing on trampolines at midnight - INDEED IT IS!!! We do not live exclusively for the purpose of taking care of the db

Making wise decisions is part of the responsibility of a life well-live
So, my friend, do the obvious things to take care of your health, and then move on and grab all the adventure you can.

You rock!!

hi Chuck,

I like it - a lot! I don’t know of anything you can’t do just because you are a diabetic, excpet maybe to pursue a goal of being a bus driver or joining the military!

my plan is simple too!

  1. enjoy my family

2) enjoy my friends

3) travel

4) make time for the young and old

5) have fun

all the best and happy new year!


Quit dying and start living—it’s a state of mind—sounds like you got it right.