Newbie to the ketogenic diet

I have started the countdown to the start of my new ketogenic lifestyle which will start this upcoming Sunday. One thing I believe is that since I’ll be dealing with unfamiliar ingredients and menus, planning ahead is of the utmost importance. So a weekly menu planner, a bi-weekly shopping list, both seem like they would be helpful.

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It’s really not that bad. I look at stuff I used to eat and see it as plastic food now. It’s poison. So not really hard to avoid. If you read much about food politics you will see how scary the grocery store is nowadays.

How I feel now verses how I felt eating standard American diet is comparable to day and night. I will never go back.

Best of luck!

Hey JoedyRose, you don’t need to stoop to insulting zombies in order to convey your dislike of Facebook… :wink: You know, even zombies have feelings! :skull:

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The diet/cholesterol/CVD model that has been force fed to us for the past half century is fundamentally politics, not science. It’s looking more and more like the Emperor’s new clothes with each passing week. Which shouldn’t really surprise anyone; the entire history of medicine is a chronicle of accepted traditional wisdom being repeatedly overturned.

For half a century it was about furthering the sale of grain from the US Midwest - so guess where all those pounds - tons - of obesity came from?


You’ll find lots of recipes on Paleo websites. But to start with just keep it simple, and don’t forget to substitute mashed cauliflower for mash potato. It really does taste ok, even better if you steam equal quantities of cauliflower and leek before mashing. Makes a beautiful shepherds pie or fish pie. Grate a little cheese on top for a nice brown crunchy top. Good luck!

I am quite excited about the path of discovery that this change in lifestyle is offering.
By discovery I mean new things I am going to find out about my body and my metabolism.
Incidentally I had my wife who is not diabetic take a look at my menu plan. She said it looked very tempting might even help her lose a few obstinate lbs/

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I like the taste of 20+ grams carb strong ales but beer is really just Liquid Bread. So now I drink beer very rarely and will have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine @ 4 grams carb per 5 oz. I’ve avoided pot because I don’t want to forget to bolus or get muchies for junk food. Good luck on keto. I like it.

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You can change those people from friends to acquaintances, or just unfriend them.

Hi Brian,

Can Type 1’s get into ketosis? I feel like I’d be kicked out of ketosis daily because I can’t keep my blood sugar in a tight range when I eat a meal…like it will be back within the 2 hours post meal, but it will almost always go into the 8’s after eating, then back down between 4-7. I have a feeling I’m not understanding ketosis right.

I would not worry about your meals disrupting ketosis. Heck, we all have diabetes and struggle with keeping our blood sugars controlled with meals. And going to 8 mmol/L isn’t a particularly high value.
Ketosis doesn’t have to be 100% all the time and it won’t be. The point is to tip the scales so that you spend more time during the day in ketosis and burning fat. If you keep your blood sugar tightly controlled and your insulin levels low between meals you should be able to spend most of the day in ketosis. If you take up some glucose from meals that doesn’t mean fat burning spots like a switch.

Hello, how are you progressing with keto diet? Are you still following it? Is it sustainable, do you think?

I am just starting this (strongly encouraged by some diabetic friends who are already on this train)… and interested to hear your experiences.

I’ve been told to keep carbs to < 15 g/ day in the first few weeks, and I’m really missing vegetables… 1 avocado already consumes the entire day’s allowance of carbs.

Anyway, day 4 today… and at least I’m sticking with it.

day 4, you are about to hit the sugar wall :slight_smile: also google carb flu.
what to expect the first week,
Preventing Carb Withdrawal on Low-Carb Diets

15g is really hard core, I’d start at 50g which is still keto, if you have about 75g of protein. see how you go after a month. you can adjust up or down from there.
an introduction to low carb

you may not need to go this low, as it’s 20g, but this and some of phase 2 carbs may work for you

Day 5 today.

So far so good for not getting keto flu. Maybe because I typically eat low carb anyway.
No weight loss yet and I am weighing everything and sticking to the target macros for protein and carbs.

My friends suggested trying even less carbs, ie. < 10 g carbs, and also being careful to restrict protein to not more than 50 g/day… given that approach maybe one should stop eating and just drink coconut oil for a few days to try to kick start things… ;/ I am seriously thinking about that… but haven’t quite psyched myself up to drinking straight oil.

Blood sugar is nearly perfect though, with much reduced insulin doses.

I am going to try this for 2 weeks (mentally doable in that time frame), after which I’ll reassess (and increase carbs to a more sustainable level - I don’t need sugar or grains, but for sure I want to eat non-starchy vegetables and some nuts)…

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I had a foray into the ketogenic diet a few months ago. The first reason I stopped and looked for some other solution was that my endocrinologist was adamant that ketogenic was non-sustainable over time based on the experiences of his patients, and the potential side effects of a high protein diet given the horribly notorious reputation that North American cattle ranchers have for feeding their animals growth hormones, anti-biotiics and all other sort of crap. And then there are the kidney problems that arise from the large quantity of protein ketogenics often consume.Then I read this article about how American elementary grade school girls are menstruating and growing boobs because of growth hormones in the milk they have been drinking, and how the EU for the past 30 years has banned imports of North American beef because of these additives.
So instead I went organic vegetarian which is somewhat challenging when you need to control BGs but is doable, without poisoning your body with those antibiotics and hormones the farmers are stuffing into their cows and chickens.

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Why? it’s lchf, not self flagellation
If you aren’t already, seeing you are on insulin, you may get better numbers if you split bolus for up to 50% of the protein grams. It’s a bit suck and see (tag total available glucose)

This is the pre-insulin diet, I would go 75g protein, which is about 1.5g per kg of goal weight. for now. I wouldn’t go under 1g./.kg and you can split the difference and have 1.25g/kg if you like :slight_smile:

given modern meds including insulin. I really don’t see much benefit between 10g and 40g carbs a day and I know you are going to be happier on it with a plate if veg,…if needed you can reduce later.

Thanks for your reply Jack.

My target in doing this diet is actually to try to lose some weight which is so hard as to be nearly impossible, not helped by hypothyroid or being a middle aged woman. I need to lose about 15 - 20 kg to get to fighting weight. Better sooner than later else I’ll be left with folds of skin that will never contract back in my elderly body! Weight has not moved despite low carb (< 50 g), intermittent fasting, exercise, and watching totally calories… and in fact was slowly creeping UP.

If I can go ketogenic and lose the target weight then I will be very happy to increase carbs (mostly veges) and take a more lenient approach to 40g carb and 75g of protein.

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I would be cautious in the US too.

However, I’m in Philippines and though our environment leaves a lot to be desired I can get free range eggs and meat (chicken, pork, duck, rabbit) from a single farm, buy my butter from NZ, my cream from Europe… and plenty of extra virgin coconut oil.

Ketogenic actually should not be high protein (protein can be used for gluconeogenesis), it should be high fat, from what I’m researching…

give keto time to do it’s stuff :slight_smile: it’s taken a life time to mess up your metabolism

and as @JustLookin said, make sure you get the fat.
10g carb won’t hurt, I wouldn’t go under 50g protein and I wouldn’t alternate fast. although I do have fung’s book.
I would eat within 4-6hrs a day, eg 2 meals, no snacks to have min insulin circulation for the remaining hours a day. I would try and smooth out your hormones and such.

Have you seen an endo? as well as your thyroid …insulin resistance, leptin resistance also plays a part, exercise is good for a lot of things.

are you on metformin? that’s good for reducing the liver excess ‘sugar’

Don’t currently have an endo… I self manage things… I do have a nice O/C GP though who keeps gently encouraging me to go back to see an endo for an infrequent monitoring … and who I haven’t followed - as my experience with Endos hasn’t been terribly positive…

Haven’t recently tried metformin (it did nothing noticeable for blood sugars in past) - though given low cost and general safety profile should be no harm to try it again.

My version of intermittent fasting is 2 meals a day… Today though, I had breakfast (coffee with coconut oil and cream only), and I’m about to go to a social function and hoping they have good quality meat, some greens, and a nice glass or two of dry wine, else I’ll do a gin and soda water with a squeeze of lemon… been hanging out and saving carbs and protein for this all day… we still have to live even with such diets…