Newly diagnosed T1 breast cancer-estrogen positive

Being over 60 and diagnosed with Diabetes 1, LADA two years , meant lots of changes in my life (and my husbands) :slight_smile: Just feeling OK with that and ‘living by numbers’ etc (which you all know so well) I was slammed and very much surprised with a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer and a mastectomy three months ago…Having challenges 'I am wondering if anyone has the same situation…?

Sharing your life changes can be relieving. Although I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was young at least you have others to share your changes in later life with. Although I’ve never had cancer I know what life threathening illness feels like. Joining this website will be helpful in sharing how you feel about both of your diagnoses.

Hello 414laker,
Brian created a group Diabetes with Cancer …I hope the title and his name will get you to the discussion …if not, then I can try to find out , if someone can help more than I can …
I had breast surgery( mastectomy ) in 1984 ; was diagnosed with diabetes in 1983 at age 42 1/2 …thinking of you .

here is a link to the cancer Group

I’m also sending you some healing thoughts and prayers.

In March this year I was diagnosed with the same and had a lumpectomy. I am starting radiation treatments in a week. My blood sugar has been higher than normal, I assume because of the stress of this diagnosis. Any tips out there would help. I will keep this sight updated.
The above link is not available.

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Yes, its likely stress is impacting your bgs. I had similar impact 7 years ago, and learned that the chemo treatments spike in bg was predictable, and used more insulin. But just dr appts or talking about my cancer could spike bg too. Best thing I did was to find local and online cancer support groups. You can check, or others.

Do you have dexcom or libre freestyle cgms? If not, try to get them, so you can monitor and react to bg swings. Also find info on meditation and mindfullness techniques. They can reduce stress and help bgs.

(I did not have radiation.)

I am sorry to hear that. I wish you great health soon.

@MarieB is still around sometimes I think, maybe she will have a new link.

I’m here. what are you looking for a link to? let me know, I’m glad to help.