Newly Diagnosed

I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 months ago. I had a blood sugar of 576, with only a trace amount of ketones, and insulin resistance. The doctors aren’t too sure what type I am, since I have an average weight. My a1c was 15%, which I’ve managed to bring down to 7% since then (yay!). Now, I’m on a small amount of insulin.

I feel that this is all kind of connected to the birth control pills I started taking, because that was the only time I had any symptoms(which weren’t very severe- a slightly increased thirst, and a little weight gain around my abdomen). When I dropped the pills, the symptoms disappeared. Anyone ever heard of the pills triggering diabetes??

I guess I’ve adjusted pretty well to having diabetes. I feel a lot healthier now!

Yup, so that’s my story! I look forward to getting to know the community!! :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear about your smooth sailing and a great job knocking it down to 7%! Way to go!

Welcome. You’ve done an extraordinary job in just two months and I’m glad you’re feeling much better.


Lots of things can trigger (not cause) diabetes - illness (especially viruses that you might have had recently or even back in childhood - we went back through my medical records and there were notes to say that I might have had a n enlarged pancreas and spleen as far back as when I was 15 (now 48 - symptoms started 95, not diagnosed til 2004!) following mumps and then again when I had pleurisy the following year and then glandular fever, but these were not acted upon then!

Sometimes the cause is not known.

I would strongly recommend that you get yourself tested to discover which type you are dealing with for your own peace of mind and so that the doctors can treat accordingly and monitor your progress.

Hi Sarah: The tests that Latvianchick refers to are to determine if you have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes. Antibody testing (Glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA), islet cell antibodies (ICA), and insulinoma-associated (IA-2) autoantibodies) is the gold standard, and a c-peptide test is also useful. Since you are already on insulin, it’s not likely that you have Type 2 (insulin resistant) diabetes.

Good for you for bringing your A1c down in such a short amount of time! You are doing great. The diagnosis does take some adjustment.

Interesting…I started getting symptoms a couple months after switching to a different brand of birth control pills. At first I thought they were the issue, but since diabetes is in my family I checked that first…and here I am. Good job on the A1c!

Thank You!! I’m (somewhat anxiously) awaiting my result for the ICA test, but haven’t had any of the other antibody tests. A specialist came to see me, who recommended genetic testing.