News Flash ! Diabetic does not Treat her Diabetes

There I was, purchasing fishing equipment. I was standing in check out, bagging my stuff, when one of the shoppers yelled “Call 9-1-1!” She did not tell me in particular to use my phone, so I did not call anyone.

In CPR class, during Emergency Preparedness, I was carefully instructed to point to one specific person in the crowd and tell them to call 9-1-1, so your request does not go ignored by everyone.

The problem was a middle-aged lady in medical need laying on her back near the coffee shop. The shopper who was rescuing her asked if anyone had a Blood Pressure Cuff. I stepped over and said, “If she is diabetic, I have sugar.” The shopper then asked the lady if she were diabetic. She admitted that she was diabetic and said that she had not eaten anything today. The shopper asked for some orange juice from the coffee shop. The orange juice was supplied.

As we were leaving, the ambulance arrived.

The usual assumption of the general public is that if a diabetic suffers from hypoglycemia, it must be because they stupidly forgot to take their insulin. They cannot believe that a disease could be so horrible that collapsing in public could be the consequence of taking your prescribed medicine.


It ain’t ever “pretty”, and it sure ain’t EASY. Good to hear she came out fine!!!

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WHAT… you mean, i/we/you do not do THIS stuff on purpose -mischievous teasing- ???

It is very, very possible to make ZERO mistakes, and still ~crash and burn~, from time to time! Its the nature of this beast. Sometimes it just wants to “play”… it don’t like being “ignored”.

People are not educated about D. Hyper, hypo? Huh? I had a workmate feed me diet coke for a low BG, after 9 years working together. Woman was lucky you were there.

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Sounds like a diabetic cartoon somehow, Yikes!

Hopefully you let her know, gently?!?!?

Good job, @Robert17. Smooth street medic beat the ambulance to the scene.