Dear Diabetes...You Suck!

It amazes me how many people are uneducated about diabetes. While out in public the other day it was time for a dose of insulin. I went into the bathroom and began to inject my insulin when a mother and her little girl walked in. First, I was given a look like I was a druggie and then she hurried her daughter into the bathroom stall. When they came out I was then checking my blood sugar level on my monitor and I think that she then realized that I was a diabetic. I was just feeling thankful that she finally "got it" but then she and her daughter started acting really odd. They wouldn't get to close to me and they grabbed paper towels to turn on and off the sink. The mother even told her little girl to stay by her side and not to touch anything. My blood was boiling and I was angry and embarrassed. On their way out they walked aways around me being sure not to get to close. I told them that diabetes isn't contagious, but she just quickly let the door shut in my face.

I guess this would be another faux pas moment. How could someone be uneducated about something so important in life? Doesn't she know that diabetes is on the rise in the US and even someone like her and her daughter can be diagnosed with it? Maybe she is just a major germ phob! I don't think I have ever felt like that before.

I am hoping to take something from that experience besides anger. I know everything happens for a reason, and I hope God shows me what I am supposed to do, because right now I am just kind of lost.

Dear diabetes...YOU SUCK!


I had a werak a few years back and the teen boy there that was helping the teen girl there out looked at her and said “Don’t touch her she might have AIDS” Mad well yeah but told them what I thought when I got out of the car! ppl some are just off.

She’s lucky it was you! I just shoot up right where I stand. I do it in the middle of the store. :slight_smile: