News: Nevada Would Be First to Track Insulin Makers' Profits

Happy to see progress! We have been following this for a while now, and finally, it looks like we will be getting some answers.

"Patients notched a rare win over the pharmaceutical industry Monday when the Nevada Legislature revived a bill requiring insulin makers to disclose the profits they make on the life-sustaining drug. In a handful of other states, bills addressing drug prices have stalled.

Many of the 1.25 million Americans who live with Type 1 diabetes cheered the legislative effort in Nevada as an important first step in their fight against skyrocketing costs of a drug on which their lives depend. The cost of insulin medications has steadily risen over the past decade by nearly 300 percent.

Prominent patient advocacy groups, such as the American Diabetes Association, have maintained stony silence while diabetes patients championed the bill and lobbied the legislature during this debate – a silence that patients and experts say stems from financial ties."

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This will be a supreme court case if the law passes. The proposed NV law will never stand with this court.

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