Niastan Medicine

Is anyone using Niastan (sp?). The doc wants me to start but alots of side affectr including raising glucose levels.

Starting on an insulin pump soon and last thing I want to do is add a medicine that could affect my glucose levels.

Hey Marty
It sounds like you are refering to Niaspan? It is a high dose vitamin B3 when if taking the prescription form will significantly improve your HDL (good cholesterol) numbers and reduce your Triglycerides. Most diabetics have this type of lipid problem. It has been shown to improve cardiovascular disease and does have a difficult side effect of flushing but if taken properly can usually be avoided. As for raising blood sugar, if you stick to just 1 gram a day you should not have any significant loss in glycemic control. Good luck

If you’re talking about Niaspan; yes, I’m on it. I take 325 mg of aspirin about 20 minutes prior to avoid flushing; for me lower doses of aspirin won’t stop the flushing. Prescription fish oil; Lovaza, a 2-1000 mg twice a day helps to lower my triglycerides

Thanks for your input…I am still wary about starting this medication. My thought is to hold off for awhile as I want to concentrate all my efforts to getting the OmniPod started & working consistently to lower my blood sugar.