Nightmare of a night with Omnipod

Not here to bash Omnipod because I usually don’t have any problems with it but last night, holy s***.

First, woke up at 3AM with my pillow half covered in blood! WTF? Turned on the light and determined it was coming from the Pod site on my arm. Checked Dexcom and was at 87 so was good there. So went and put a new pod on and immediately fell back asleep. Woke up 5 hours later and I’m at 385! Don’t think I’ve been that high in 20 years. Immediately took an injection and removed the pod, bent cannula. First time ever had that happen.

Both instances no alarm, apparently slept through the Dexcom alarm but nothing from Omnipod. Have had Omnipod for about a year and never had either of these things happen, let alone on the same night. I know people have had pods come off but has anyone had it bleed like that? And shouldn’t it have alarmed? Pisses me off the most is my damn pillow is ruined.

I’ve had some clothes ruined and it’s very irritating. And when I put on one that doesn’t work at all I can skyrocket pretty quickly too. My highest numbers are with pod failures. I’ve never had a pillow ruined, yuk! I feel for you!!!

I’ve been having more issues this past year with pods. My problems seem to be clustered with certain lots. It could be a “me” problem I’m also having but I think it’s specific with certain lots that didn’t work well… In the early spring I had a bunch I had issues with and then was great and then bam a bunch bad again. I just had a few months with no issues and then 5 or 6 all from one lot in a month. I have a sneaky suspicion that there is enough of a variable in certain lots that I then have a problem with. Maybe depth or something?

I don’t think I’ve heard a pod alarm for not working for a long long time, the last time I can remember is when I forgot to change it out and it went past the 8 hour mark.


#1 soak the pillow in peroxide then wash it in cold water, that will get the blood out. I have had blood come from my pod when inserted. I hit a blood vessel. I change my pod after dinner when I have IOB so I’m covered. That way I can check to see if I’m going to have a bleeding problem.

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I have had this issue on several different pumps. You inserted into a vein. You got a gusher.
I solved this issue by putting in sets manually, you can’t really do that with a pod. At least I don’t think you can

When I’m going to choose a spot, I touch the needle to my skin, I can feel if it is near a vein or not because the skin above a vein has a lot more nerves, so with practice you can avoid them.

I can’t remember on pods if you can touch the needle to your skin or not. On dexcom you can’t.

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I have had an unusual number of Omnipod failures lately (never happened before) where the metal needle used to insert the catheter inserts, but doesn’t retract. I can identify the failure by lots of pain at the site and lots of bleeding. When I finally pull the pod off, the needle will stab me in the hand and that’s how I confirm the failure.

When you see those highs, its typically a bent catheter. If there’s really bad pain and bleeding at the site, check for an un-retracted needle. Sometimes I get an alarm from a bent catheter, sometimes I don’t. Un-retracted needle does not produce an alarm or highs.

I have had the same type of experience as you when I go to choose a spot - sometimes with a manual set it is almost like my skin says “Nope, not here that hurts”. Thank you for the reminder. It helps to know other people have the same issues.

I have also had back to back pod failures (and now carry 2 in my purse) AND this year in particular there have been more pod failures than normal. Usually surrounding specific Lot numbers. I started keeping a calendar of the pod failures and the problem.