Nightmare on my Street!

This morning I woke up to find the little toe on my left foot infected . I’ve feared foot problems from the first day of finding out I was diabetic .I always kept my feet clean and make sure to have clean socks as well as to do the things diabetics are to do. My BG is good ; my last Ac1 5.6. So is there something I’m missing .

The nightmare is’nt on Elm st this time ,it’s my street. HELP!

Joe did you call someone today? We’ve had a few members with serious toe problems.

Yeah Joe, Daves right. Do not mess around at all with an infection. Just go the fam doc or a podiatrist and get some antibiotics. Earlier the course of treatment begins the better. Trust me on this one lol

Scary, but it doesn’t mean this will lead to anything more serious. You’ve got a great A1c & it will heal with meds. Worry not. Call your endo & get antibiotics.

Keep us posted.

I can’t get in 'til monday. But I’ve been soaking it in epson salt and peroxide .It’s starting to look better.

It was really hard working .Each step was a killer.

Just got back from the doctor . Good News ,the doctor said ; I have good circulation and that he didn’t see much chance of problems with it. 10 days of antibiotics.

Thanks to everyone for the help and support.

I was blind sided on this one . One day everything was fine and the next morning swollen and red as a beet. I would have thought there would have been some progression.

Yay! Best wishes to your tootsies.

I was able to run today !!!


did you ever find out what caused the infection? I’m so glad it’s all better!

The doctor could not give a reason but the tratment worked.

Thanks to everyone for your cocern and support.

May not be due to diabetes, but certainly a lot scarier for us when a foot infection occurs.

Gerri is right ,it may not be due to diabetes but it is a lot more scarier. If I get a cut ,it takes longer to heal and longer to clear up infections . Diabetes is the leading cause of amputation of lower extremities . Even a simple infection for a diabetic can lead to complacations (I’m not sure if there is a simple infection for a diabetic) . A cut or a scrape on the foot of a diabetic that is infected is more likely to become gangrene .

But in my case I’m totally unaware of any cut or scrape . I went to bed that night with nothing wrong and woke up with the toe doubled in size and beet red throbbing like a tooth ache .I think even a non diabetic would find that a little on the scary side.
It doesn’t matter if the cause was diabetes or not but we better treat it like diabetes is an important issue in the out come!

Well said, Joe.

There are good reasons why we’re cautioned not to go barefoot, to wear shoes that don’t cause blisters, to check our feet regularly & seek medical attention for foot infections. My endo told me to not get pedicures.