Toe Infection

So my daughter has a bit of an infection on big toe along her nail. She squeezed some puss out. How serious is this? Any ideas for treatment during the early stage?

I’d call her pediatrician. I know it’s the weekend, but I wouldn’t mess around with a toe that’s already showing signs of infection.

Let us know what happens. I’d like to know what your doctor recommends.


Diabetes and foot infections are a classically dangerous combination. Depending on the seriousness of the infection, it could be necessary to deliver antibiotics through a pic-line inserted in the patient’s arm, or it might be something which can just be treated locally.

So we spent 5 hours at the hospital, but all is well. Because Emma’s sugars are under control and she has only had Type 1 for 2 years there was nothing to worry about. The doctor did say that if we did nothing about it, the infection would likely have gotten worse and we would have seen it in her blood sugars. We are draining it 3 times a day and she does not need antibiotics.


I used to get that infection along the outside of the big toe nail. It seemed to be caused by an ingrown nail.

Cutting the nails a little more frequently and in a different manner along with the use of a nail brush once in a while cured the problem.

Glad it worked out for you.