No Control

We hear it now and then, you see the postings and yes there are times we all feel that we have no control over our diabetes. When those moments come we have to take a step back and look at things, look at life and look at diabetes.

If you think about it diabetes is one of the few things in life that we truly have the ability and (hopefully) the knowledge and skills to control. We choose what we eat and for the most part know how this is going to affect our blood sugar. T-1s may have it a bit easier in this aspect, in that we can take extra insulin when we can't resist the temptation of say a giant carb laden piece of triple chocolate, caramel fudge cake. We know we must exercise and keep our fluids up. We also know that doing these will drop our sugar. I actually look at these moments of close to low (65-75 range) as a little blessing. During an extended work out I can if I choose to have that exrta piece of fruit, or heaven forbid that yummy evil Snickers bar. We Have some control over how many shots a day we must take, of course this goes back to how much and how often we eat.

I am not going to say that we have it any better or worse then people with other afflictions, we do have more control over our affliction. A cancer patient has to hope chemo or radiation therapy dose enough but they have a chance of remission or after five years being considered cured. A suffer of MS just has to hope each day that it doesn't flair up. From the control aspect we as diabetics have much more control over our affliction.

We do ate times have to remind ourselves of that and also realize we still might suffer complications. But when you look at all the other things in our lives that we face day to day we still have more say in our management of diabetes then we do with things like job security, paying our bills, putting food on our table. We can not stop life be it better or for worse, but we can do a heck of a lot to make living with diabetes easier, it is something that we have to control and not let it control us.