No Insulin

Hi guys I have a very random question… in may of this year (2008) I was loosing weight and drinking a lot of water… so I went to my doctor and she said I was diabetic I went to 3 endos and non of them could tell me If i was type 1 or 2 or anything… They put me on insulin Lantus in the morning 8 units. and 2-3 units of humalog before each meal… usually I feel im low so yesterday I decided not to take any of my insulin… i ate the usally things id always eat… eggs for breakfast… salad for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner… and my levels were all pefect still. w no insulin… has that happend to anyone and what could that mean?

Hi Stephanie,
My guess is that you are still in your honeymoon period, which means that your body still makes some insulin. It sounds like you eat a low carb diet-- so your blood sugars remained under control.

Many people think that you can make your honeymoon last longer by giving insulin. So there may be good reason to continue taking the insulin as well. In any case, you should monitor your numbers carefully because if they start to go up and you aren’t injecting insulin, it could become very dangerous.

Take care!

How are your fasting sugars? I know that I had the Lantus bringing me way down for quite a while (usually 3+ hours after meals, or with exercise - even 3 units will do that to me right now), but I won’t go into my (well-documented on this board) trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my pancreas :slight_smile:

Could also be LADA, could be type II, could be honeymoon.

Did your endos check for the various auto-antibodies or do a c-peptide test? If you’re in honeymoon, your c-peptide will be more or less normal, so at this point it’s a meaningless number unless it’s elevated, which would indicate a higher likelihood of T2 over T1 or LADA. Antibodies - especially GAD - are the way to go on this, methinks.

Good luck!