NO Ketones- so why the rapid weight loss?

From what I understand, if a patient experiences DKA, that can lead to weight loss. But then what if the urine test and bloodwork state there are not ketones- what can possibly be going on here for the rapid weight loss?

Insulin is the hormone that enables the uptake of nutrients into your cells. Ketones are an indication of potential DKA and when you are in DKA you don’t have enough insulin (perhaps even zero). No insulin, no uptake of nutrients, hence weight loss. As your restore normal levels of insulin your body can take up nutrients. You are only three weeks in and still establishing insulin levels. Keep at it, eat with gusto (although focus on protein and fats, don’t overdo the carbs) and figure out the right insulin levels.


Ever since my mother started her Basal and Bolus insulin, I make sure she’s eating abt 40/50 grams of carbs per meal. Does that seem like a lot? I mean she is 100 lbs, she has lost a crazy amount of weight from her face. I did notice however, this morning…her stomach looked rather bigger than usual. I’m guessing it’s from the Lantus or those carbs. Before she was a complete stick figure so a little tummy now is a good thing lol. I keep hearing abt the LCHF diet but I don’t think that would work with my mom, as she is already thin. What would you say abt Protein Drinks? Ensure, Glucerna is a no no( 26 grams of carbs::::ridiculous:::::slight_smile: Whey protein for weight gain? I’ve read mixed reviews that these kind of drinks are not good for the kidney and then they are, as long as they’re flushed out with water. What to believe, who to believe? Thank you so much for all of your help, your presence is truly felt all throughout Tudiabetes!

load her up with proteins and fats, go easy on the carbs, try 150g carbs a day as a max.

A workbook (the certificate ran out but the site is safe)

some people need to bolus for upto 50% of protein grams
TAG ‘total available glucose’

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Thanks a lot for the workbook, it’s helped me a great deal!!!