No Noni!

I’ve had my first Noni juice seller approach me the other day while my son was playing at the playground. She saw me test him and went on her whole tangent how great this juice is for diabetes and a lot of diabetics take it, I politely told her that my son hates juice, which he truthfully does, he’s real fun when he’s low! But anyways, I just thought it was weird that a stranger was telling me how to manage my sons diabetes. I also overheard her tell another parent “If my kid had diabetes, I wouldn’t take him in public so he can get sicker”! I wonder what she would think about him eating his boogers lol.

Nutrition Action, a newsletter put out by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest, had a really interesting article last year about “superfood” juices. You can read it here:

Basically it says that for Noni, scientifically, we just don’t know yet. And if you read the description of how it tastes… yikes! However, there’s a possibility that for some things it could turn up to be helpful, so who knows?

And I have to say… how terrible to hear her say that about your son. What a crazy statement to make. Any parent of a type 1 kid deserves accolades, not derision.

those were interesting, thanx. I know if Tony hates juice he definately wouldn’t like that lol, sounds real gross. We used to sell it when I worked at GNC but I knew that I couldn’t legally make claims that it cured anything and I never said it would!

If I overherd someone saying that about me and my child, they would be going home with a broken nose, and I would probably be leaving with a new set of metal bracelets. That is simply ridiculous. I have thankfully never heard of this Noni stuff, nor do I think that I would be buying any. It sounds like it is sold in a pyramid scheme alot of the time according to that pdf.

Yeah, I love Center for Science in the Public Interest. They’re basically a bunch of independant, no-nonsense, Harvard type scientists who sift through the junk and let you know what’s what. I’ve gotten Nutrition Action for years.

And yes, I agree that Alison showed remarkable restraint. :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how having a child has calmed me down, I used to threaten people but now I know I have to set an example for him-which really sucks sometimes!

Boogers are OK to munch on…low in carbs and high on protein! Tony is way ahead of his time. LOL.

For me it is the opposite. If it was about me I could care less, but if someone said that about Alex it is a whole new ballgame. I probably would have said “Hunny, please take Alex someplace else real quick…”

My neighbor used to sell Noni juice (he stopped doing it, I guess that speaks a bit about the product) and had me try it for a while. I can’t say I saw any noticeable results, BUT I can say it tasted horrible! :S

you sound like you speak from experience lol

glad you reported her, when I worked with herbs and all I could give customers literature and say what studies have shown but that was about it!

Don’t you just hate ppl like that? My oldest daughter was born without her left hand and I had one woman tell me that she wouldn’t take her out in public with a deformaty like that! I don’t think that that juice would help him either! Good for you! I wouldn’t worry about the other maybe he will ouy grow it! HA!

wow, some people are so rude! I would be in shock if someone told me that, that’s just horrible!

Yeah but in her defence she was really old. I guess at that time when she was growing up you didn’t take ppl out who looked different from te norm. Remember we’re almost 19 yearas ago too, Some ppl just don’t think about what they say. If you wanted to see something funny you should have seen my mom… I didn’t have time to say anything she talked and told the woman off faster than I could think. Mom’s are wonderful!

I have never had Noni juice or been subject to the ‘Noni fad’, but it’s unfortunate that everyone has such a negative experience with it. The noni plant has had some very respectable and positive roles in human health. The problem is that it has been subject, like any product, to economical pursuits.

I find it very ironic that many people here have a ‘this is a joke’ attitude toward natural cures, when we have situations like this. And it is also very ironic that hundreds of thousands of people DIE every year from taking pharmaceutical drugs, but there is little discussion or concern, or, if there is discussion, it’s with a totally different respect and attitude.

I don’t feel that way toward all natural cures, if you’ve read a few previous posts we use homeopathy and herbs for other things, insulin was my sons first prescription-you should have seen the look at the e.r. staff when they asked if he was allergic to any meds and I said “not that I know of, he hasn’t had any” and when they looked at his vaccination record or, err lack thereof (we delay/selective vaccinate-not do routine childhood immunizations)-I was actually told by one doctor that Tony has diabetes because he’s not fully vaccinated, after a nice tongue lashing she never came by his hospital room again and his endicrinologists are in agreement with what our plans are. I think they (western and natural) should be in harmony but many people out in the diabetes community have come across the juice scandal, it’s a joke to me. I’m not going to spend a bunch of money on a bottle of juice that my son will not drink, he’s not even two years old so he’s got all of his taste buds intact. First, I got upset with a woman telling me what I should do with my son when she doesn’t have to live with this disease everyday, it’s real easy to set back and say “I’d do this and that”. Second, I don’t like people giving me advice unless I ask for it, it’s amazing what I get told by complete strangers when they see his medical i.d.-and most of the time they are giving me advice based on their grandma’s type 2 diabetes.
I’m also aware of pharma, I was in an uproar when our governor tried to make a vaccine mandatory for our little girls made by merck-umm remember vioxx anyone? Now it’s killed 3 girls. But with insulin, my son HAS to have it or he’ll go into diabetic ketoacidosis again, I’m not willing to risk it. A woman on another board was given a “natural cure” for her older daughter and she told her daughter “this will make it so you don’t have to take insulin”, imagine the hope the girl had for that dream and how it was crushed because her body doesn’t make insulin.
People here will have this attitude because for years they have been told conspiracy theories, lies, and have people just trying to take their money. If someone really believes this help and really wants to help people, they wouldn’t charge $65 for a bottle of juice.

I don’t believe that “many people here have a ‘this is a joke’ attitude toward natural cures”. What could be more natural than insulin? I am willing to try any natural remedies that I think might help boost my immune system. I have drastically altered my diet so that my blood sugar stays more stable. I exercise to bring my BG down if it gets a little high. But I use my meter to tell me if what I do is making a difference. When my son developed asthma at age 2 we treated him with homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements. At age 3 he got a severe chest cold and I didn’t give him the
drugs that he had been prescribed because I didn’t like some of the side effects. He ended up in the hospital in an oxygen tent with an IV of steroids and he almost died. This was 18 years ago and he still needs medications to help him breathe. I don’t think there is a “cure” out there yet, for asthma, or diabetes, and if it finally does arrive, I doubt whether it will be in the form of a $65 bottle of juice!

That lady sounds like an idiot!

I’ve had people ask me if I was a diabetic before when they saw me testing but nobody has ever been rude to me. I am just waiting for the day when someone says something. But so far everyone has been pretty respectful and sometimes curious, which is cool with me.

Your son is adorable by the way.

thanx (although he’s not adorable before naptime lol), actually today I had a man today that was real nice and asked great questions, he is a father so he wanted to know the signs-this was the first time since he was diagnosed where I was asked questions instead of receiving suggestions-it was so nice!

I see, thanks for clarifying. Too bad you had that experience. What I meant in my post, and I’m not pointing this to you directly, is that most people don’t take curing themselves seriously, they think that eating some berries or taking some juice will fix them right up, and when it doesn’t they fall back to the doctors that still don’t really care about finding a cure or promoting real health for them. They just keep prescribing and checking, monitoring and billing. That’s why I feel many people make fun of the other side of the fence. In Alison’s case, it’s going to take an outlook change to help her son, but here I am getting into an offshoot tangent, something that I’ve been reprimanded for here, so I’ll stop here…

It’s all about a complete lifestyle change (and that includes thought processes) to cure any disease or health problem, not just finding a magic pill or wonderful new alternative therapy that works wonders.