No Noni!

What do you mean by outlook change?

my parents went thru the same thing with the docs and people lecturing them about me. You hoave a lot of strength. there has been many nights ive seen my parents break down and cry.

You deserve the best.

I get that a lot. its half and half…flip a coin…either you will get repremanded or you’ll get a curious person who wants to know more.

the ones i hate are those that say “you shouldnt be eating that, you’ll get sick and die”…well gee thanks for looking out? too bad im eating this because my blood sugar is uber low and if i dont eat it i will “get sick and die” lol. that was my fave response ever.

Thats a really good response Sarah. I too get really tired of non-diabetics telling me "What’s Good " for me> My husband is one of the WORST He will tell me to eat this and that and sorry to say the gasteroparis I have along with acid reflux sometimes just makes me feel worse. Or he will do this give me a lot of sugar then wonder why after about 30 min I’m really ill with him. Lets see could that be b/c I’m high and you gave me too much? HA!

Pyramid schemes involving the latest nutritional snake oil products are the new Amway.

A few years ago it was blue green algae. Now it’s noni and gogi juice. There’s always something. In my youth it was lecithin, black strap molasses and brewer’s yeast. In my 20s it was juiced wheat grass.

The ground rule is that the substance has to be exotic and preferably something you never heard of before. If it is linked to some distant primitive people who are, of course, more spiritual than you are, all the better. It cures everything especially vague symptoms like tiredness and depression that most people who fall for this stuff experience.

I’d simply say, “I’m sorry, you must have misunderstood. We have a real illness, so we need real treatments. The imaginary ones only work for imaginary diseases.”

I remember blue green algae, they made some near where I grew up! I haven’t seen it around for awhile. I like your response :wink:

Hi, I am shocked at your lack of understanding regarding Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes. I have responded to and come across one of your other posts, improperly responding to a query about the artificial pancreas. Then to learn that you yourself have neither Type 1 nor Type 2 diabetes! Many have explained Type 1 Diabetes to you, but YOU JUST DON"T GET IT! Might I suggest you listen, then do some research before you preach. Your comments mean well, I can see you care, but you are WAY OFF and WAY OUT OF LINE. If some desperate parent listened to your advice their child might die. I can see you are the type of person that would not want this to happen. The mind cannot cure Type 1 diabetes. Even trying to go down that road is too risky for any parent to attempt.